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I just shot my first match at OB on Sunday. Had a problem with my mags dropping out constantly. Turned out my mag released was slightly rounded and ruined my whole day.

Sorry to hear that.  Which squad were you on?  I was on squad 1, had the GoPro on my head :)

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Squad 3. Had the tan 5.11 shirt that said "rock paper scissors pistol". I remember standing around before the match near you.

Well next time please come introduce yourself.  I will probably be going to Rimfire on Sat.  Have to try out my new Ruger 22/45 with red dot :)

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    • Oh, that makes it okay then.  I’d make sure he’s driving with you in the car when transporting through the state just so you can put him on the spot if you’re ever pulled over and he can do the explaining for you. 
    • I go one size up on pants - I've been buying a size large to accommodate.  Buy a belt a size or 2 large as well - I use a Hanks Stitched Gunner belt - it's leather, and stiffer so it definitely holds holsters via clips properly.  Hanks says go 2 sizes larger for CCW... I agree. https://www.hanksbelts.com/products/hanks-gunner-stitched-concealed-carry-belt?variant=15585580742
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    • I got my HQC-1 quals done at ReloaderzNJ.  Waiting for an appointment from local PD to handover the paperwork.
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