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What defines a collapsible stock.

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I have a NJ Compliant Stag AR15 to make it NJ Compliant they have swapped out the mill spec buffer tube with one that has a single threaded hole and the stock has a hex bolt holding it in.


The LOP on the rifle is a bit long for me and my father is a machinist by trade. We were talking and I am looking at getting a Magpul ASP for it so when its off i was going to have him drill a new hole and tap it for me. Would this be OK I would not be able to move it with out a hex wrench of some kind. I mean people use Mill Spec tubes and std stocks all the time with just a pin in them and that seems ok.. 


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In my opinion, if you require tools to adjust the stock, then it would be OK. I say that because any other way people are currently pinning stocks can be undone or reverted back by the use of basic tools. If you hand your AR to a prosecutor/LEO and ask them to adjust the stock, will they be able to right there on the spot? If you want to be safe, maybe cover up the other threaded hole on the receiver extension with some epoxy that way you really can't adjust it even if you were to unscrew it.

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