NJ Legal AR-15 Pistol 5.56mm

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3 minutes ago, Amir Billups said:

I most certainly did. I fell in love with that AR Pistol and I have some permits coming down the pipe...Does anyone in NJ sell these things?

I don't know of anyone else that sells them...



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[mention=3597]Remixer[/mention] recently transferred one of them to a wanker (not a wanker for buying one just who the guy is).


Certainly can't beat the price.


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I recently sent one to Deuce's Den. When I get back to NJ, I will send you the info.

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Moving back to Joisey?

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Moving back to Joisey?

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Ooops. I meant "back from". Only here for a few days, then back to America.

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    • By stuckinNJ
      Mike is doing a deal for the Ruger AR556 AR-15. It's a fantastic AR btw. $500 including all fees. 
    • By remixer
      Factory New Glock 19 Gen 4 with Laser
      $565.00 Plus NJ Nics and Tax.

      STOCK/FRAME:Black Polymer
      ACTION:Safe Action
      SAFETY:3 Safeties
      WEIGHT: 24 oz.
      FINISH:Gas Nitride
      EXTRAS:Includes Viridian E Series Red Laser Installed.
    • By 9X19
      Trying to answer a question for a relative living in NY.
      Can  a NY state resident who lives 100 % of his time in NY state and does possess a NJ FID card (with a NY address) purchase from an FFL in NJ. Drivers license is also NY state. My guess is he could but it would need to be shipped to an FFL in NY.
    • By JHZR2
      Just want to clarify a few things that aren't evident to me procedurally, from my reading other discussions...
      1) Based upon an assumed approval for an extension of permits, the most permits you can request if adhering to a single purchase per 30 days is 5. This allows sequential 30 day buys, i.e. day 1, 31, 61, 91, 121 and 151.  Day 181 is not allowable under any circumstances. That isn't really a question, I believe this is fairly well established.
      2) Given the schedule in #1, what defines day #1?  Is it the day the PD chief signs/approves the permits, or is it the day they are picked up?
      3) If one desired to have an exception to acquire more than one pistol in a 30 day window, does this re-start the 30 day clock for regular purchases?  For example, say I purchased a pistol on day 1, then exercised my exemption to buy more for the purpose of building a collection on, say, day 15.  Since I was buying on the basis of an approved exception, is the next allowable window for a regular purchase day 31 or day 45?
      4) If I had a desire to buy three pistols per #3, say one for range use and two as collectibles, does the exemption list all three, or just the two for the collection?  To make this interesting, as an example, say I wanted to buy an off the shelf revolver, and then an 1800s colt and a 1700s flintlock pistol.  The fact that serial numbers are needed aside, the two that one would buy under exception are the colt and the flintlock.  but to exercise the exception, and acquire a suitable range gun, do all three go on for the exception or just two?  What if they are all from different vendors? 
      5) If there is a collectible that I desire to acquire, and do not desire to request exceptions, is it allowable to purchase the firearm (i.e. nothing precludes you from buying a gun if you do not take possession), have it shipped to my FFL (assuming they are agreeable to holding it), and then pick it up when the clock allows?
      6) Is it best practice to provide the exception request for multiple purchases at the time of initial permit paperwork submission?  Ive seen some posts indicate yes, but others that indicate that procedurally the exemption is different.
      Thanks for your time and insight!
    • By stuckinNJ
      So my PD, like most in the state, can take a few months to issue my pistol permits. My problem is that I like to periodically browse for handguns to purchase. Now, for an online sale, I can buy and have it sit at my FFL until the permit matures.
      The problem for me arises when it comes to a private/face to face sale. If I want to buy and avoid FFL and NICS fees, it would mean that I'd need a pistol permit ready. But since they can take months to process, this is rarely the case. Obviously one solution is to involve a FFL and pay more fees. 
      One other solution is to just apply for pistol permits every 6 months since they are valid for that long (including extension). This way I suppose I could always be ready for a local NJ private sale (and let them expire if I don't find anything I like)... 
      Would there be any legal problems with this? Any other ideas or solutions? What do you do if you like to buy pistols relatively often?
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    • Pisses me off too because you can buy pistol ammo online most of the time.
      Sig does the same crap. Wanted to try their new defense ammo and same bs.

      Anyway, if you get the safe on Sale for $20 or so, just buy the ammo whichever way you normally would. Same thing.

      Don't forget about the stock issue.

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    • Nah, I will still buy one. I just got pissed based on principle so I did not order just then. Let me know if you get the ammo. Not a deal killer for me but I also don't need another soft pistol case.
    • Thank you Col Powers.  I knew Sgt Mongrella.  I attended his funeral.  These overpaid self-important assholes can kiss my left nut.   The NFL will never see a dime from me while they tolerate this crap.   
    • Didn't buy one because the ammo?

      That's silly. I bought it before I even knew of the promo.

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    • I see that on the page now. The form I had did not mention NJ.... Too late, sent it in. Most I lose is a stamp. Guess I'm the guinea pig. We shall see.    PS: They can keep soft case. I have no use for them.   Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk    
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