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Smokin .50

BREAKING NEWS: Shaneen Allen gets PTI after all!

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Im leaving our country of NJ and spending a weekend in the free USA in Delaware. Cabelas needs me to visit Saturday then watching cars go in circles at Dover on Sunday.


I spent three weeks in Georgia this month.  I carried every day while there.  My first morning back in NJ, I put my holster on my belt/pants(IWB) out of habit and then said to myself "oh yeah, I'm back in New Jermany, I'll be a felon if I carry this here". 



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We should all carry empty holsters in protest.


Wait, they'll come up with an ordinance against that too.


With a creative name of course. Like, "Public Safety Nuisance and Violence Prohibition", "Prohibited Exhibition of Destructive Device Paraphernalia", "Common Sense Violence Preventative Protocol", "Proactive Enforcement / GUN Violence Deterrance","Public Welfare and Victim Protection Standards","Disturbing the Social Peace","Collective Safety Enforcement Act","Anti-NRA Violence Prevention Act","Progressive Public Safety Compliance Statue". You name it....


The making of Laws, there is NO End.

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