T/C Encore Pistol frame turned into rifle???

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Would it be legal to purchase a Thompson Center encore Frame as a pistol -- with a pistol permit -- and use it as a rifle on occasion?


I'd like to buy T/C pistol in .223 -- I also would like a modern, inline, muzzle loader for deer this year --  Would it be legal to make the 1 frame do double duty?


As far as I can tell the encore frame is the same between rifle and pistol variants -- just that one is sold as a pistol legally --


 you can't turn a rifle frame into a pistol legally but can you do it the opposite way?  legally?


Any thoughts?

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A pistol can become a rifle and back to a pistol. A rifle is always a rifle. Just make sure the stock is not on it without the 16"+ barrel.



Thats what I'm seeing too --  I'd have to swap the barrel to make it a muzzle loader no matter what --  I understand about the SBR issues -- not my intention


Thanks for the help

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Curious if anyone owns the interchangeable system. It looks like I can buy the rifle (let's say the Encore Pro-Hunter) with just my FID or I can by the Pistol version (with FID and, of course, P2P), but I can't buy the rifle and convert it to the same pistol since that seems to be deemed evil:

"any firearm made from a rifle or a shotgun, whether by alteration, or otherwise, if such firearm as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches".

Of course there's no way to tell by looking at the pistol if it was purchased that way or assembled that way. I might get the rifle and wait until I move out of this god-forsaken state to get the pistol kit.

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