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Vlad G

Tactical clownshoes

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"   K-9 Tactical Security Narcotic Bomb Rapid         "

 Response Army NDOC Executive Protection M.A.



lmao...wow that sounds like a serious operator .....not familiar with the shield he's wearing in one of the pics....is it one of those elite "concealed carry badges"?..lol.....hes 40's-50's and in college?.......looking at the pic of him holding the pistol inches from his nose reminds me of the last trip to cabelas...i saw a couple people doing the same thing......must be a new technique  lol

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I hate how fast Haley engages the safety, drops the muzzle, and looks at the timer to see how fast he was. He takes himself right out of the fight. He does this constantly and it drives me absolutely bananas.


There is absurely no reason to not conduct a proper post engagement sequence - especially in a "dynamic/fighting/disruptive environment" or whatever he labels his classes to indicate they are fighting classes. If he stayed on target, assessed his shot/target, prepped the trigger for a follow on shot and scanned his threat area - the timer would still show the same split time.


One or two good hits at superhuman speed is great, but it's not a guaranteed show stopper. Under stress you will fall back on what you lractice most. If you practice engaging the safety, looking away, and dropping the muzzle that's what you will do.


Total clownshoes on Haley's part. He should know better.

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