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Setting my Black Friday Expectations

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Okay, I'm getting pumped for Black Friday and figured I could use some help from the community on setting my expectations for the kinds of deals I'm likely to see.  Here's a list of stuff I'm in the market for... would appreciate some feedback on what stores I should be looking at and what kind of pricing to look for for each item.


1.  a basic Ruger 10/22 (to teach the kiddos)

2.  a fire-rated 10-24 gun size safe

3.  a Walther PPQ M2 5" in 9mm (hard to find in stock lately)

4.  a Mossberg 590A1 shotgun (missed the recent deal at PSA)






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10/22 is usually on the menu.

Safes as well.

The latter two, not sure.

There are typically good shotgun deals but can't know for sure which models. Though entry level models are usually the big draw (Mossberg 500s, Maverick 88s, Rem 870s, etc)

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No expectations, no disappointments.  This year I'm figuring unless it is a buy beyond all compare, something like never to be scene again, I'm taking a pass.  Just got a gut feeling about it, don't know why, may be wrong, but have to go with it.

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Definitely on my list but may have to wait until next year!



Radio ads down here are stating "$799 AR-10 rifles" but I cannot say if those will be available online as well.  Also rumor has it the 1911 may be coming out...I'll be at the warehouse early to try and snag one if that is the case.

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A deal has to be really good for me to jump on it this year. My collecting is slowly going in a new direction so I am going to try hard to not spend a lot of money on stuff I don't really need.


I'm going to stop just buying stuff because it's 10 or 20% off. Sure, when you're spending a grand then 20% off is great but for products under $200, it's not much. Plus newbies have to be aware of stores upping the prices of items to make up for the discount. Many of us know what the prices are for many gun-related products but when you talk about other products coming from Best Buy, Walmart, etc, many of those stores increase prices so it sounds like your getting a good deal, but it's just under what they normally sell at. 


So just some things to think about during these sales.

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Was thinking of limiting my Black Friday/ holiday spending this year in order to save up for the little one coming in January. I'm still planning on stocking up on ammo, maybe a He ray Lever action in .22 and a Magpul Mossberg furniture kit...

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