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Thanks for checking my list Eric! Out of my list one rifle showed up. I have a 1.46 million serial # M1d Sniper rifle. My rifle was with FMF PAC HQ (Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific, Headquarters) in August 1951. FMF PAC HQ is in Hawaii, but during that time period much of FMF PAC was fighting in Korea. The rifle was probably still a standard M1 in August 1951 as most of the M1d conversions were done starting 1952. Pretty cool, the history these guns have!

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For some computer reason beyond me. I have a load of new postings, but can't post to site. Tried multiple ways , but beyond my limited comp. skills.

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I recently came into posession of the SRS books, complete set, and am willing to do a serial number lookup of any USGI firearm. there is only about a 20% success rate, but it offers a nice glimpse into the history of your rifles. Just PM or post your serial number and I'll look it up. I found out that my 45-70 Trapdoor carbine was assigned to Troop A of the Nevada Territory Volunteer Cavalry in 1885


and one of my M1D's was "recovered" in Korea in 1953


so lets have fun and I'll let you know if there is a SRS "hit" but remember there is only a slim chance it will come up........................

Did you get PM? Can't tell for sure if it went through.


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