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Buying a new shotgun

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Could I use it to bust clays?


You can, but the Novas are heavier than an equivalent size 500 or 870. By the time you hang all that tactical junk off it, the question isn't "can you bust clays," but, "can you hit them?" Fun range toy, though.


I put several thousand rounds through my M2 and shot a bunch of others - highly recommend all of the Benelli's in the inertia line.

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Benelli makes one of the absolute best shotguns you can buy; that is, they are pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar among the best quality, toughest and most reliable yet sleekest and sexiest shotguns you can hope to buy.


I have owned a pair of SuperNovas, currently own the SuperNova Tactical "SteadyGrip" (pistol-grip-stock), have come close to buying a few different models and in 2010 and 2011, if they had offered the conventional stock models on the M4 or even M3 I would have owned one or both of them.


The Nova and SuperNova line are very good for people into Survival & Preparedness because of several reasons: One, they are chambered 3 1/2" .. which means that they accept not only standard 2 3/4" and standard-"magnum" 3" shells, but the top of the line magnum 3 1/2" shells ... if you have a 12 gauge shell, you can shoot it in your Nova or SuperNova.  This is an exceptional attribute for preppers or survivalists and if the time ever comes where we're in societal collapse or simply a Hurricane Katrina type deal where you're needing to defend you and yours, and ammo is at a premium or absolutely unavailable, you can shoot whatever nearly at all you can find.  Two, they are armor-coated in a very tough, weather and impact resistant polymer coating which renders the receiver nearly indestructible in any semblance of proper treatment.  This is huge for regular people, combat users, hunters, and survival & preparedness enthusiasts alike.  Three, the shell-stop slide release button allows you to rack the slide back, removing the chambered shell, without imputing a round from the magazine . This is huge if you want to quickly swap a load of buckshot for a slug, or vice-versa, or are hunting with birdshot-shells but suddenly are facing a dangerous animal etc.  Very useful feature.


I could go on and on about them... let me say this very concisely and clearly.  Some people collect ARs, etc, I collect combat shotguns.  I have a Mossberg 930 SPX, a Remington 870 Tactical/Magpul/Police, a Saiga-12, and a Benelli SuperNova Tactical.  If I could only have one in a survival SHTF type situation, it would be the Benelli SuperNova Tactical.  And ALL of my shotguns are heavily hooked up and accessorized, upgraded, etc.  But the Benelli is as tough as it is silky smooth, just an amazing firearm.

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