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Merry Christmas

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To all my Friends and "Frenemies" on these boards,


As I head towards my 60th Christmas I wish every single one of you the best. 


Take care of yourselves, your families, and loved ones. Love is what it's all about. Figure out how that plays into your life and get it done.


If I've insulted you during the past year -- and it's unlikely that I haven't -- please forgive me. I'm truly sorry. I am a very fast typist. Too fast for my own good many times. Let's press the reset button so we can go on yelling and screaming for another year.


As I've mentioned before depending on how you reckon time I'm either one of the oldest shooters or one of the newest on these boards. I still post in the new shooter's forum: my opinion. I've learned a lot from you guys.


So merry Christmas and happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015.


Warmest regards,





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Merry Christmas to my Christian friends.  Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends (even though it's technically over now).  Happy "whatever else there is" to all those who don't fit into one of the other two..  heh,  Lets all keep ourselves & families safe during the holiday season so we can all enjoy 2015. 

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Everyone - Have a a great Holiday Season!


Sure  I didn't agree with everyone this past year but this is a season of rebirth.


Here's my gift!


During the Holiday Season we often have strangers and young ones in the house visiting.


Scrub the house of firearms that may pose a threat to the young ones and mindless!


Enjoy and have a safe and happy New Year.

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Ho Ho Ho You Hoz! Merry Christmas... Happy New Year...

...and remember... Do Not Drink and Drive! The life you save may be mine! ;)




I don't carry a firearm when I drink.


Why would I have a 5000 lb weapon at my disposal!


Excellent heads up John.

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    • More primers on the way..... soon.   https://www.texarkanagazette.com/news/2022/jan/19/ammunition-plant-to-open-near-texarkana/
    • As I mentioned in another thread, we bought a condo in Florida a couple of years ago, and have started spending some time down here.  We have not become residents yet, but still are able to enjoy a taste of life in a free state with Covid sanity and everyday concealed carry. Yesterday I purchased the Zastava Arms ZPAP M70 for which I have been lusting.  Bought it online from Atlantic Firearms and had it shipped to a local dealer.  When I went over to pick it up, he asked me for my DL and Florida CCW permit (if I had one).  I filled out a 4473 and a few minutes later, he said, "You're all set."  Holy crap!  No waiting days for an "instant" background check requiring a return trip to the dealer.  In just minutes I was able to walk out with my new beauty.  While I was there, a fellow walked in and asked to look at a handgun.  He checked it out for a few minutes, then said, "OK, I'll take it."  Same deal for him:  DL, Florida CCW, 4473, and out the door in a few minutes with the gun.  I should note that with the ready availability of guns in Florida, contrary to the hysterical fears of legislators in states like New Jersey, not only do legal gun owners not run around shooting each other, one rarely (like, never) even sees a gun. All that aside, the weather here has been great, the people warm and welcoming.  On days when it's a little cooler, with temperatures in the mid-60's, when we can't sit by the pool or go to the beach, the weather is perfect for golf, pickle ball, running and working out, or just hanging out.  Unfortunately, we have to leave "The Matrix" next week to return to Jersey for six weeks in the middle of winter, for some weddings and other family events.  But we get to look forward to returning in mid-March for another 6-8 weeks.  If any of you are down this way, be sure to say hi!
    • Interested too. Been a USLS member for several years now too.
    • Save your hospitality.  Spammer from Bangladesh.
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