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5" or 6" for USPSA limited

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- longer sight radius

- easier to make power factor

- less muzzle rise and less recoil



- harder to find holsters

- can't use them in IDPA

- choices for after market barrels may be limited


I shoot a Springfield Armory Longslide (L10) and a Glock 24 (L). 

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To add to the cons.. potentially... is what it does to the draw given your stature and your chosen gear.


Want to run a trigger guard only race hoslter and point it at your sack like some folks think is cool, you probably don't care.


Want to run it in a dropped and offset kydex, or a race holster in a similar position, it may induce you to shrug on the draw depending on your build.


That gets worse with no drop, or no drop riding high on your body for whatever reason.

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I personally think it is a marketing issue trying to get people to buy the latest and greatest . I shot a few 6inchers at the range and they are fine, but they are not making me sell my 5 inch Brazos for a 6 inch. Blade tech make holsters, the majority of all the race holsters will take the 6inch with no problem. most of the major players make a 6inch barrel, and IDP what? See if you can find someone who has a 5 & 6inch limited gun and shoot them and see how you handle them. Or even better talk to A. R. Xfactor he has a FGW 5.4 inch lim gun with 2 top ends. Right in the middle of both which seems to be the newest flavor out there. And if you are looking for a lim gun send me a pm, I might know a guy......

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