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    • By IkeBrof1ovski
      So I've got my FID and am looking to purchase a replica MP40 airgun for target practice. This is the gun in question I'm particularly looking at https://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Umarex_Legends_MP40_CO2_BB_Submachine_Gun/4312
      The gun itself is capable of full auto firing at roughly 450fps. It also includes a 52rd pellet mag. I've read up on the airgun laws and know that airguns are considered firearms under NJ state law, so does that mean every firearm law applies to airguns also or are there exceptions to them where you can purchase any airgun as long as you have an FID?
    • By mrmister2000
      Hi all.
      This is my first time posting in the forum. After having searched through both this forum and the inner-webs, in general for information pertaining to the legality of this this particular stock, I have seemingly gotten nowhere, so I figured I'd post/ask about it here.
      The stock in question is the Strike Industries Viper Modular Fixed Stock and I am trying to find out if it would count as having one of the "offending features" within the state of NJ?

      The stock definitely does not fold, and it does not appear to qualify as telescoping under the traditional sense. The length of pull IS adjustable by means of spacers inserted between the castle nut and the actual stock, BUT the adding/removing of these spacers requires using a hex wrench to completely disassemble the stock first.
      My questions are:
      Do any of you currently have/use this particular stock here in the State of NJ?
      Do you think this stock would qualify as one of NJ's offending features, or at least look "different-enough" to put one under risk of enhanced scrutiny and possible arrest if one had it on their AR-15?
      I had one gunsmith tell me that stocks must be permanently pinned (not true, since the only thing I recall as needing to be permanent is the muzzle brake) and I also had a representative from U.S. Law Shield tell me that he "Didn't think it would count as an offending feature, but in the State of NJ who knows?"
      Looking forward to the replies.
    • By Mr.Stu
      I am going to run another introduction to IDPA class in September. There are quite a few members here who have taken the class and followed up with going to matches and having a good time getting off the X.
      If you have been wanting to get into practical shooting matches, but want a step up so you don't walk in blind, please consider this class.
      Sign up is here: https://idpa-intro.eventbrite.com
      Thanks for looking,
      Stu (Mr.)
    • By homewrecker07
      Was wondering if this stock is legal in NJ. I visited the branchburg Heritage Guild looking for a 10/22 to mod and was informed they basically stopped selling 10/22 AR style stocks and was threaten with getting their license pulled because of them. I wonder if this stock would apply also.
      It seems it would only check 1 of the evils for "maybe" having a pistol style grip or the plastic shroud over the barrel might be another.
    • By Mr.Stu
      I am going to run another Introduction to IDPA class like the ones I did last year.
      The date will be August 15th and we'll be using the special events bays at Easton Fish & Game as before.
      If you're interested in IDPA and want to learn the basic rules and techniques in a friendly, low stress environment, please sign up.
      Please note, IDPA is not for novice shooters. There is a lot to think about other than manipulating your firearm so I ask that you have at least 1 year's shooting experience.
      Here's where to sign up:
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    • Nice,  My brother found pair of Hardballers 25 years ago consecutive I purchased one and he purchased the other. we still have both today.
    • Well, It would also be the distributors who are willing to pass on the prices to PSA...  PSA is big... but they are not huge by any means, they just know how to market well. Smith & Wesson does have the package deals but let's be honest... if they are willing to buy 1,000 or more guns... shouldn't they get a better price than a dealer who can barely buy one or two? Best thing for the brick and mortars are to concentrate on what PSA can't do... local transfers, unique offerings for their clients. Then they just need to wait until the gun fears spike up again.
    • You mention that you are going deer hunting in PA...... but it seems more like you are fishing in NJ. If you really have a legitimate question, I recommend rather than asking a bunch of strangers online, you should call the NJ State Police Firearms unit and ask your question. 609-882-2000
    • PSA is driving Brick and Morters out of business. Normal dealer price on these are over the consumer's end cost through them.
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