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My new used Glock 22 Gen 4 from CDNN Sports (lots of pics!)

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A couple of days ago I went to remixer to pick up my another Christmas/New Year gift from my wife :-)


This was a used police trade-in Glock 22 Gen 4 from CDNN Sports (I wrote about that deal some time ago - http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/74178-used-glock-22-gen4-for-34473-shipped-cdnn-sports-inc/ - this is the cheapest I've seen Gen 4 Glocks ever)


Just thought I might share some impressions about buying a used gun from CDNN and help someone who's on the fence about buying used guns online. Obviously, YMMV as always :-)


Gun safety disclaimer - I had no single round of .40 at home at all at the time of the cleaning (this is my first gun in .40). I carefully checked the gun twice to make sure it is not loaded before I started to work on it.




First of all, small downside - CDNN seemed to mess up with their links, so that my confirmation email stated "Glock 22 Gen 4 NS Good to Ex condition" and in reality they sent the one considered "Average to good". I was a little concerned with this at first and called CDNN - they apologized, explained the mess up with links and product codes in the system and offered me $20 off my purchase - I asked if they can just ship me an extra mag for this Glock instead of this discount and they kindly agreed. Honest mistake, case closed.




Gun case - CDNN shipped a gun in a completely new gun case with original Glock sticker removed. Deep in the case there was an envelope with test-fired rounds from 9mm Glock 17 with a different serial number and a date of April 2014. I guess PD just took new gun cases and sent the old guns as trade-ins in those new cases.


Magazine - Unfortunately CDNN offers used Glocks with only 1 mag in the case. On an extremely good side, I got a brand new and likely unused mag! It had NO single scratch on it whatsoever, so it is indeed a never fired new one. I actually realized it completely only after my first trip to the range yesterday trying to clean some residue from the mag.


Other accessories - There was a gun rod and cleaning brush in the case, both unused. There was also a Glock mag speed loader, a gun lock (also unused) and a set of older style Gen 4 backstraps (only 2 backstraps without beavertails) - also in an unopened package with a small punch and a longer backstrap pin inside.

There were also some papers inside in an unopened envelope - I guess those were shipped with a new gun in the case.




Handgun itself was VERY dirty (well, at least in my view, maybe I'm yet to see a really dirty gun...). I guess this was the reason they graded it as "average" in the first place. I wish I had taken more pics before cleaning, but it seems that the gun has never seen not only a deep cleaning with solvents, but also a swipe of a brush or a boresnake inside the barrel. Yes, I know it is Glock and most likely it would've shot even in such a condition, but if it was my duty gun, I would've probably been a little scared that it malfunctions when I'd need it most...




Compared to my other Glocks (newer Gen4 ones that I bought in 2013 and 2014 respectively), this Glock 22 had a much "grainier" look of the metal surface. I guess some other composition of alloy or some other finishing technology was used back then - I have no issues with that, just an observation.




Jumping ahead, I gave a call to Glock the next day and asked them about dates of this particular handgun. It seemed that it has been imported in March 2011, then went to PD (they don't disclose what PD though... not that I really care, but still) in April 2011 and then got back to Glock only for 1 day the same month (maybe some recall, maybe installing night sights - there was no such info available in the system).

That said, the gun is less than 4 years old that seems to be quite good for police trade-ins - I heard about Gen2 guns still offered by some retailers that date back to 10+ years.

There seemed to be no recalls or any other mandatory repairs pending for this gun either.


Slide and barrel: I started with a slide putting the frame aside for a while. I disassembled the slide completely, removed the firing pin, extractor and all other parts that I have no idea how they are called, LOL :-) Then I gave it an intense cleaning with Hoppe's solvent and after that - with RemOil, including all canals I could've reached until clean patches started to come out. I also took a firing pin assembly apart and cleaned every single piece. After all I assembled it back together in a cleaned slide adding a small drop of Tetra gun grease where I considered it to be appropriate (and where suggested by Glock Armorer's Manual).




Slide doesn't even show a lot of holster wear as I initially expected and night sights are still quite strong, though not as strong as on my 1-year old CZ75. I think after 3.5 years they are roughly in the middle of their lifespan, so I'm likely good for the next 3-4 years.


Barrel was a real PITA. It took me almost half an hour and multiple swaps between a copper brush, softer brushes and patches with Hoppe's #9 bore cleaner to clean all the residue inside the barrel. I think, the hardest part was a crown of the barrel that I was trying to be very careful about and not to damage it.

Recoil spring assembly was also quite hard to clean from some white residue, especially on the part facing out - I guess this was from sweat while carrying the gun in a holster.


This is the condition of a barrel AFTER my cleaning:







Frame: After getting done with the slide, I got back to the frame and also disassembled it entirely. Plenty of shot residue here on parts as well, but my main concern was with the condition of the frame itself. It was DIRTY. I don't know if it was chocolate on the grip or... mmm...  something similar in color, LOL, and I don't really want to know, so I decided to do something I might probably not do on a steel frame gun... Yes, water, dishwashing solvent and a brush :-)






After the bath I wiped and dried all cavities in the frame (continuously embracing Glock simplicity and engineering genius...), cleaned and lightly lubed all the internal parts and assembled all back together. I checked all the safeties, assembled the gun together, dry-fired it a little and put back to the case until the next day.






Test fire: I grabbed some .40 ammo on my way to EFGA yesterday and gave this gun a try. Apparently I must have thrown all targets with holes away with other trash after the range, but I was pleasantly satisfied that the gun shoots 1) as it should 2) much better than I do. I think with a relatively rapid fire from ~7 yards I managed to place all rounds in ~8 inch circle (but frankly I haven't tried to shoot as accurately as possible). I very much liked the recoil - it didn't feel too much worse than my 9mm Glocks. In total I ran almost full box of .40 ammo (maybe 40 rounds or so) without a single issue/FTE/FTF or so.




Bottom line: I am VERY happy with the purchase. $330 for a gun (with 2 mags, counting the one that is still on its way from CDNN) + $15 shipping + $40 transfer = $385 out of the door for what seems to be a very decent Glock 22 Gen 4. I'll definitely take it. I know that is not always the case with used guns, but this time I am totally satisfied.


And obviously thanks as usual to Steve aka remixer - easy and pleasant transfer as all the others before.



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