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New (Old) Range

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I am very excited to inform everyone that myself,Tony Altieri, along with 3 partners, Jeff Green, Frank Gatti & Bill MacStudy are the owners of Garden State Shooting Center, located at 1955 Swarthmore Ave, Lakewood. This is the location of the former Brick Armory. WE will be doing some renovations while we are waitin for our firearms license to get approved. We will have a full retail shop, 12 port 25yd indoor rifle rated range, offer training classes & gunsmithing services. We will be a vendor on NJ Gun Forum as well. I am looking forward to the grand opening, check for updates here and/or our website, which I will post in the near future.




Tony (TJ)

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First Congrats to Tony and team on their endeavor!


Just for some of you that may not know TJ…


He’s the most customer friendly / driven person in the industry!  Big A+!


His knowledge of the industry is there for not only his own success but also

he can steer and service the new and seasoned shooter. He won’t sell you junk.


The business acumen he’s developed insures that you have a facility that will

not be the one you will be bitching about.


Fair?  Yep he has to make a living but let me tell you… I can call him order something

without asking price and know I’m not going to get hosed.


I see this new range as being an incredible asset to the NJ shooter.

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