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NICS check today How long?

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Is there longer wait times for permits this year? I submitted my paperwork and $18.00 check to my local PD before Christmas and I still don't have my permits.

Is everyone else experiencing this?



my fiance submitted paperwork in September, she finally got the call that they were ready and picked them up yesterday.(6 month wait) they were dated for 2/5/15.  So the 90 day expiration date is 20 days old already.

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NICS submitted 11:30am Saturday Mar 21st. As of 5pm.... No response from NICS office on mine or anyone else's INSTANT background check. On Friday, the near useless govt. employees at the NICS left at 2pm because of the snow. Nearly everyone else in the private sector continued to work all day. This departure probably created a backlog.


My FFL dealer checked with a few other shops and was told they had zero NICS responses on Saturday as well.


Great system. As far as it being fixed...it isn't. And it won't be any time soon given what I've seen in our state govt. workforce.

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