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Cat surgery success

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well the surgery went well, Frack is home and seems to be doing well. Eating like a horse, already went to the litterbox and is cleaning herself. She is supposed to have a cone on but I took it off because she was really upset with it on and cried. I just have to watch her carefully to make sure she doesn't nip at her stitches.

I am relieved (and 3000 poorer)

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Congrats. What was the surgical procedure performed?

she had her anal glands removed. Common on dogs, very uncommon in cats. Her glands were impacted and the ducts were scarred from years of being expressed and they could not be opened. The glands were hardened and it was making it painful to go the litterbox, so she could not poop. The secondary issue was that her tail went lame (like pick it up and it dropped like a stone when released) so there was a possibility that there was nerves being damaged or palsy as a result of the gland issue.

one of the major variables is that she is diabetic so it made it a critical event to have taken care of.

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Good to hear it went good! And good idea with keeping eye on her since cone isn't on, I did that with mine we his boys were taking from him (neutered) because he hated the cone so I just carefully watched.

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It's a good feeling. Don't worry about the cash.


We spent a few k on our kitten after a botched surgery. It was good money spent.


Ending up taking her to Tinton Falls to fix her -they were great. My wife was a wreck the whole time.


Where did you go?

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