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I just recently installed a BravoCompany Short Vertical Fore Grip on my AR. I know that on the regular size Fore Grip, BravoCompany ships it with a rubber plug that allows for storage. The short vertical fore grip doesn't have this, just has an open well. Does anyone know if a company that will sell an aftermarket plug?




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They all used to come with a hinged door like the pistol grips do. I have an older BCM short VFG with the door.


When BCM started making the KM attachment and the new VFG attaches to 1913 rail via a vertical screw that you access from the bottom of the grip, instead two horizontal screws you access from the sides, it seems they stopped producing models with the door.


If you find something that works let me know, but I don't think you will.

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He's likely talking about the shorter, cheaper (& not as quick release) version -


I have it & it's open at the bottom like an A2 grip.

I'm pretty sure they are all like this now, or are moving towards this style.


I'll see if I can get the scoop...

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He's likely talking about the shorter, cheaper (& not as quick release) version -


I have it & it's open at the bottom like an A2 grip.

Yeap, right on the money. I didn't like that the other one was slightly longer and almost triple the price..

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