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Vlad G

CJ USPSA March 8th 2015 (CANCELED)

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Ok, winter is slowly going away so we are going to try having a match next weekend.

Currently my plan is to run 4 classifiers and 3 real stages to get everyone warmed up and get some folks classification on the books. That does however mean I need 3 stages submitted so if you have ideas for a stage send it me a stage :)

Obviously, keep an eye on the cjrpc.org for weather related news as we get closer to the match.

And here is the pre-registration form: http://cjuspsa.coffeecup.com/forms/CJ_12082013_Form/


Canceled because stupid weather is stupid.

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I've got a stage design in my head that is inspired by this effing winter.


It's called...."Miracle on Ice." lol

Let me guess.. Shooter pull starting a snow blower with strong hand while holding a shovel in weak hand. Gun unloaded in bucket of salt. 1 procedural for each grain of salt spilled outside the bucket when retrieving gun

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So cute.  /gives louu nuggies on his head and tossels his hair/


On Sunday the ice was 6 inches thick in spots and the parking lot covered in snow and ice.


Didn't see the smaller pits so if those are clear I could see pulling off a bunch of classifier stages.


Otherwise we're gonna need a LOT of salt.

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When did everyone become so soft? 19 years ago we would shoot in the snow and just call it a lost brass match!

When we got older and wiser?  I remember seeing one match at CJ and when we got there we debated whose truck thermometer was right -- the one reading 0 degrees Fahrenheit or the ones reading -1 and +1 respectively.


Now I would just roll over on a morning like that.....

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