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Please help my dog and medical expenses

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Best of luck, I know how hard this can be and how expensive it gets.  When Trent suddenly got ill about a little over a year ago it cost us over $3,000 in his last week.  We nursed Kirby along when he had cancer for four full years, but the bills for that were over $10,000.  They are a part of the family and my wishes are for the best.

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Done via PP.


Lost one cat on a Monday in December. He was the first one that just showed up at the house and needed a home. He was rather old so not a total shock.

Later that same week our female cat coughed a few times let out a loud meow and plopped at my wife's feet breathing very hard.. We rushed her to our vet, he stabilized her and later we

brought her to Crown Vet in Lebanon. She has heart trouble and is now on Lasix and a few more meds. I can't say enough about the staff at Crown vet, NortStar and my own vet.

I know what the bills are like.

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There's just too many people to thank individually in this post, THANK YOU ALL for your generous donations and support. This was a amazing display of camaraderie. Thank you all for your unconditional support in helping Kaya and I. We are at a loss of words. I have never been one to ask for help but always willing to help others. Our 2A community goes deeper than just our love for our RKBA and freedom, but shows we love our fellow man and animals and in times of need we will go out of our way to help another. Many people say we are close minded, dangerous and irresponsible. But that's far from the truth. What we have seen is open minded, caring, and unselfish generosity to a fellow man and his best friend. Many of you only know me from this page, many know me from NJGF, many know me from real life, and even if we've never met I consider you all my friends. Thank you all and this will help get her the proper care she needs.

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