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Dark Angel Medical coming to NJ in Nov.

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My Review of Dark Angel:

Took the class in VA last week. ( was also my first time carry concealed). Interesting experience.


DA is a owned and run by one guy named Kerry and his wife. They hold tactical medical classes through out the US and offer IFAK kits and training. He recently hired additional instructors. The guy teaching this class was named Johnson. Very experienced (swat / military / police trainer) and currently EMT capacity in Boston.

This is a two day class at 16 hrs. Both are full days of instruction. Class setting was in a hotel conference room. About 30 people took this class. Mixed group of folks. In VA so a bunch of DoD. A few couples, dad and sons and the rest mainly gun enthusiast and competative shooters.

This is not at the range pulling people behind cover with your gun drawn type of class.

Day one was mostly PowerPoint presentation on mindset, safety, situational awareness and basic anatomy (ABC with hemorrhage and AVPU). Lots of pictures and videos with discussion. Then with systemic and emergency injuries and Gun shot wounds. Discussion is geared towards being first on sight or if you are the injuried party however we also discussed children and dog being injured too. Finish the day with amputations, blast injuries, and sucking chest wounds, facial injuries, eviscerations and shock.


Day two starts were you left off in day one with more talk on injuries burns bites frostbite triage and victim movement. Then we quickly got into the kit. Which if you buy with the training they have it there for you on day one. The kit is really good. Well set up. The rest of the day is hands on learning how to use everything in your kit. They have practice kits so you don't have to break open yours. Gloves bandages hemostatic agents tourniquets occlusive devise nasal airway etc. basically group and partner up and practice under time and stress applying these to yourself and your partner.


Swag: beside the IFAK: sticker, patch, booklet


Overall thoughts: there is a bit of sticker (price) shock when you see the price with the IFAK included. Since I have first aid, cpr, and blood borne training I thought the reviews on the injuries were a bit much. But again there nothing wrong with review and I did learn new things on those topics. You'll walk away from the class knowing your have the practice these skills just like shooting. The hands on training was invaluable. For me with the kit and the hands on training the class was worth it. Considering it may save a life one day.

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