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Show us your S&W pistols!

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Like the title says, lets see everyone's S&W pistols and mods you've done.


Here is my M&P9 and Shield in 9. Both have Apex triggers: Shield has the aluminum trigger with the APEX Shield Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Trigger and Kit. The M&P9 has the APEX M&P Polymer Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit. Both have Ameriglo Tritium night sights. Both have grip tape added around the grip, indexing points on both sides and under the trigger guard. It's a DIY job I made from the Talon grip design. Before I installed the Talon grips, I wanted to try making my own out of grip tape.



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Big Smith and Wesson fan!


first two are my personal Bad Mofos... Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and M&P 22 Compact.


I carry the Shield all-day every-day for nearly 8+ months.  The M&P 22 Compact is an awesome trainer, utility gun, and fun-gun, and I was lucky to get one before almost anyone else (through sheer luck!).



The bottom two are very very special to me and very important, family heirlooms really.  The top, bigger of the two is a Smith and Wesson Model 10, which was issued to my father upon joining the department in the early 1970s and he carried it on duty and at times off for a long time, until he became a "plainclothes" officer/Detective - at which time he bought himself a Smith and Wesson Model 36 aka "Chief's Special" with a 3" bbl.  The Model 10 remained his official duty weapon until his department made the switch from .38 Special revolvers to the new-in-country Glock 9mms, at which time he purchased his Model 10 (which would have been retired from service and sold to the dealer) and continued to use his Chief's Special often as a backup or carry/off duty piece.  Now that he is retired, both have become heirlooms, shot once a year or two ... but remain awesome !







Edit- Forgot, as far as mods-


my Shield has had TruGlo TFO Brite-Sites installed , awesome awesome Day/Night glowing sights.  Tritium and Fiber Optic combine to give you an amazingly bright sight picture, day or night.  Amazing and half the price, less than half sometimes, of Trijicon (which are great but come on, there comes a point they just are so expensive.).  My M&P 22 Compact is also stock except for the LaserMax Genesis micro-USB rechargeable green laser I got for it... and got it new for $70 bucks from someone desperate online.  It works great and is a fun shoot and probably helpful for plugin animals on my property day or night.



The two revolvers have had some rebluing done by an amateur gunsmith but while some parts are shiny and some are very old, they retain both grace and elegance while having plenty of character.

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My Model 29




Leupold scope. Hogue grip. All S&W otherwise.






100% S&W. This little J-Frame is as light as a feather. Truly remarkable.






A few things done to this... 10-8 sights, polished APEX FSS & Trigger Kit. I removed the thumb safety. The light is a Surefire X300 Ultra.


I've got a minty Model 19 stored away. I'll dig it out...

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Love the 4506 and their stainless steel autoloading pistols of that style - the 4506 reminds me of corrupt Detective Vic Mackey from The Shield, wielding that thing like it's nobodies bidness but his own dang bidness.


Also love the Pro Series 1911 ... I had my eye on one around Christmas, fell through.

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A couple of the fraternal twins (M66-3, 2.5 & 3") at bathtime:


Then dressed and in a staring contest:





And their new big brother (M625-8 5")




More of the kids when I upload their pix to Photobucket

And no mods (tattoos, piercings, other body mods) except for grips

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My workhorses - unlike Alec, I actually clean mine once in a while - also unlike Alec I'm a C shooter while he's a Master - there's a message there.






Pizza Bob

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