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i've been meaning to put this in here for a bit.


 was talking to a customer about those robo-calls awhile ago. the same subject i'd done a thread about in here. i'd mentioned to him that i was gonna buy a call blocker, so i could stop having to answer them. he told me about this. answer the call, then hit the star key, then 82....  *82. what it does, is permenantly block that number from ever calling you again, plus tells that computer system to take you off the list.


 i've been doing this for about 1.5 months now, and it seems to be working. the catch 22 is that you have to answer them. it seems that i've been getting a few new numbers calling.....but not nearly as bad as before.


 the only thing i need to be careful about, is that i was gonna put the tones from that combination on my answering machine.....but that'd have ended up blocking customers, so it must be done manually.


 just thought i'd pass this on.

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What provider do you have. That might make a difference.


Is this on a land line or a cell phone?

land line. through crapcast. i don't generally get those kinds of calls on my cell, which is through tmobile....although there's been one hitting me something like 20 times in 2 days.........i blacklisted it, but i still see the logs.

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Can you answer the call to see who it is and then hit *82?

i have caller id. i just did one. it's almost always an out of the area area code. usually kalifornia, oregon, or arizona. sometimes texas. it'll simply say the city and state. sometimes it says the business, such as this last one....expand pay taxe......i pikcup, and listen for a second, to be sure that it's not a possible customer, since i get some military customers. once i hear the robot start, i hit *82, then hang up. sometimes it's a live person. it seems to work on those too. kinda funny, i had one yesterday that asked for the guy that used to own the place. he's been out since 2008.

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Normally *82 is used prior to the call with most service providers as a  “one-time unblock” of your line that is configured to always block your CID info from being displayed at the locations you are calling. Here’s a couple of other options for you and the other members. I’ve heard good things about Nomorobo but never used it myself. Another one is PhoneTray but the only downside is you need a dedicated computer and you pay a nominal fee for the software and yearly renewal.


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  • 63 How important is it for you to have your next pistol be "Optics Ready?"

    1. 1. How important is it for you to have your next pistol be "Optics Ready?"

      • Very, (Do not want to pay for slide cutting, Looks cool, etc.)
      • Neutral (don't have a preference either way)
      • Not at all (not a feature I am looking for).
    2. 2. How much are you willing to pay for "Optics ready"? (i.e. gun is cut for an optic)

      • Up to $50
      • $50 to $100
      • $100 to $200
      • $250 or more
      • None. If it is not standard part of the gun, not willing to pay more for a model with it.
    3. 3. Why are you looking for Optics Ready?

      • Planning on adding optic.
      • Want to have the option just in case
      • n/a
    4. 4. Why do you want to add an optic?

      • Looks cool/tactical or someone told me I should
      • Need it for deteriorating eyesight.
      • To compete in certain gun games (USPSA Carry Optics)
      • Other Reasons


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    • I always appreciated the tools that were made in an era when quality mattered and tools were built in the USA to last a lifetime. So, I restore those tools as a hobby. I don't make any money doing this. It almost always cost me more than I get back - it's a hobby, the 100's of hrs of my labor are free. But I try to at least cover my costs. My latest restoration is this Vintage Walker Turner bandsaw on its correct restored vintage stand. Complete nut and bolt restoration. Stripped to bare metal, moving parts polished, new bearings, new paint. The only thing left to do is bolt in the motor of which I have several that you can choose from.  This saw was built to last. Solid cast iron, it is very heavy, has zero flex, bearings/shaft run in an oil bath and it will run forever (compare that to the cast pot metal / aluminum / plastic / nylon bushing crap that they make today). A beautiful rugged tool made when quality was most important. Smooth and quiet. $350. (a steal considering I have 200 hrs in this)  
    • Can you specify what date and time this was?  And of course the VIN number of that ZL1. =P @Malsua very cool to be able to do that without being concerned about $$$$$$$. Very cool, especially in a Ford Focus ST. Fastest for me, outside of track, was a Vette C6 somewhere on Florida pike between West Palm Beach and Orlando.... 120 or so.
    • robbing a bank was a great line, literally laughed out loud while on a conference call!  had mute on luckily  
    • In preparation for a move I am selling all of my larger shop tools. Look for other listings to come soon. I know what it's all worth but I have a lot to sell and not a lot of spare time so am knowingly selling my equipment cheap just to get it all moved. For now I am starting with my welding gear. Lincoln AC 225 Welder Older unit from 1970. Many say the older units were made with better materials (copper, heavier metal etc.) and are more desirable. All I know is that it welds great and has never let me down. Has factory wheel kit, 20' leads, original Lincoln ground clamp and stinger. A little dirty but unit has no dents and leads are in great shape. Works as it should. $150 NAPA Plasma Cutter Manufactured in the USA by Marquette/Lincoln manuals and support are available from Lincoln. Unlike the abundant Chinese cheapie ones on the market today, this unit has no proprietary IGBT's or Mosfets inside, and is far more reliable and durable. I added front castors to the factory 2 wheel setup so it rolls really easily. 20' leads. Comes with an extra torch and loads of consumables (electrodes, tips, swirl rings and nozzles. Works great. $300 Package deal: Buy both the welder and the plasma cutter for $375 and I'll include: 55 lbs of welding rods. Yes, 55 lbs! A 50 lb can of Lincoln Fleetweld rods and a 5 lb box from Radnor. (The Lincoln rods alone were $275). 2 welding masks 2 pairs of gloves Also for sale: 3/4” Steel for Welding Table Top: This was my welding table top. With 2" slots between pieces for clamps (far more useful than a solid slab), the table measured approx. 4' x 3' when assembled. I disassembled it to move to my basement and never reassembled it. 5 pieces, 3/4” x 7” x 36” (1 piece is 45” long) Bottom side is painted for protection, tops are clean metal. Best price I could find on-line was $90 per piece. Save some real money here. $300 Superstrut for Welding Table Base: 70 ft total 4 10' lengths 2 10' lengths that have been cut 80” 40” 1 10' length cut 60” 60” $100 Victor Regulator $35(Victors are top quality made in the USA units and are $140 new)   Super package deal: Lincoln welder (150) 55 lbs of welding rods 2 welding masks 2 pairs of gloves Plasma cutter with extra torch and consumables (300) Heavy 3/4” welding table (400) Victor regulator (35) $650 OR BEST OFFER for everything above and I'll also include: 2 welding cylinders: 330 cf 75/25 argon/CO2, almost empty, needs a cert. 125 cf argon, almost full, needs a cert. Cylinders are in great shape but out of cert. and welding suppliers vary on their exchange policies so I cannot guarantee their utility. Hence they are FREE if you purchase all the other equipment.   Emglo air compressor A great made in the USA model. Not a cheapie import or box store compressor. This is a professional unit made to last. Has an oil bath pump unlike the cheaper 'dry' run pumps on the import/box store units. A testament to this is it has a service factor of 1 which means it can run continuously. Great, great compressor. This unit is not for sale alone and not included in the package. I will only sell it to the lucky guy who picks up the plasma if he needs it. $100        
    • OP, I think you said you wanted to buy local; if you decide internet I can not speak more highly of realtruck.com I bought a set of nerf bars for my truck several years ago. They rusted out within the warranty period. I got them replaced promptly by realtruck. The replacement set began rusting even faster (I was still in warranty period of 1st set). I contacted them, told them I'd lost faith in that mfg and asked if I could apply the value of that set towards a different brand. They agreed; so I kicked in the price difference and they shipped me the other mfg. Several years later the new brand still look great and are as solid as day 1. I wasn't really expecting them to agree to my request, but they stepped up big and took care of me.  
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