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Wow do I need one of these

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I may have to sell a few things that I didn't want to sell to fund it but it looks worth it!


I'm going to have to part with SPR, my BRO 308 and my beloved BRO skulls 300 to fund it. I think it'll be worth it.

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2 stamps for that gun so add another 400 bucks. It is really sweet!

Make the silencer perm (like you guys do with muzzle breaks) and it's only 1 stamp :) Also, since it's only a silencer (not an SBR since length over 16" with the silencer) can travel across the country at will with no notification to ATF.


I actually wouldn't do it that way but it is an option.


Oops, upon second look, that might still be under 16". Don't see barrel length listed. And the price is astronomical as previously noted :)

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I was able to see and handle one last time I was at my mom's house. They are extremely difficult to come by (per the sales guy) and a lot of fun. As much as I'd like one, I wouldn't pay 3g's for it. I'd build one and get the stamp(s).


Just a dream at this time...



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