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Lost our Golden today

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Sorry for your loss. Any that have had the love and companionship of a dog are truly blessed. This is a poem from Wendell Berry's Sabbaths that has always touched me:


That's really beautiful. Thank you.


This is something my wife sent me. While I know it's probably embellished. But still, our dogs name was Abbey and we have a 4yo daughter. *waterworks*


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Our condolences.


Been there too many times with our Goldens. Currently have #6 & 7 here.

Our last one was the most difficult loss I have ever had to deal with, pets or family.


In time, one of the best ways to memorialize your companion is with the the love and affection of a new member to your household, preferably a rescue.

Rescue is a GReat way to move forward.


In the future when you are ready, we can offer some tips, advice with GR Rescue groups.

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