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What Other Non-Firearm Related Sites Do You Frequent?

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What otber non-firearm related sites do you frequent? I have two rental units so I enjoy visiting mrlandlord.com question and answer page. Several very experienced landlords there who are very willing to share their experience and wisdom. I've learned a great deal from them. Mostly what NOT to do and to avoid mistakes they've made.


So was curious what non-firearm related sites others frequent.

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aces high. ww2 air combat sim. def "G" rated forums though.....ya get the ban hammer for anything political, or even saying bitch sometimes.


 flamewarriors. decent group of guys from around the world, but essentially a "my dick is bigger than yours, and if you did it, i did it first, better and faster" kind of site.

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Hearth.com for pellet stove info..... Crude Oil Price.com for todays spot price and info.... Trashy.com for my wife's lingerie...... Zippo Enthusiasts Network.com for Zippo lighters..... Buell XB.com for Buell motorcycles...... 

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Mostly Food related sites...........



Rasa Malaysia.

Lucky Peach.

Roads and Kingdoms.

Simply Trini Cooking.




First we feast.

Thor news.

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Hvac-talk.com - tells you when you should and shouldn't do it yourself

Darkreading.com - infoweek subsite

Blackhat.com. - Conference info and security resources

Securityweekly.com - home of Hack Naked TV ... No... Not what u think

TransworldMX.com - pro motocross

SANS.org - security info and training..and certification


Various other network security sites that source hacking tools, penetration testing tools and reports of compromised companies and software.


Some financial sites when I want to bore myself. Bloomberg, etc

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