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cold shot

Any plumbing supply stores in Middlesex for non-standard sizes ?

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Hey guys,


Anyone know of plumbing supply shops that carry parts. I am looking for a non-standard pop-up drain stopper that has a smaller diameter (looks like 1 1/8") that what is out there at Home Depot (standard ones are 1 3/8"), as well as the horizontal rod that is smaller.


I thought about replacing the whole pop-up mechanism however it's a pedestal sink and can't get at it without removing the sink in order to remove the pedestal. A simple task would turn out into a project.


You would think that when installing this pop-up mechanism that you would pick a standard size part. I've spent way too much time on this already.


Hoping that there are some plumbers here that can help.





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Unfortunately, the stopper is not usually sold by itself.


I keep an assortment on my truck to save the day once in a while, but usually it is just easier to replace the whole pop-up assembly.


The stoppers and lift rods are not universal, as I am sure you know. The pop-up assemblies are sold with the lavatory faucets, so if the pop-up was replaced with the faucet, it might give you a place to start. If you know the faucet brand.


Or just go to a plumbing supply house and treat yourself to a new faucet with a new metal pop-up assembly. DO NOT buy a faucet from the home centers with the plastic pop-up.

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