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New NRA Ad

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My wife just showed me this ad that ran tonight on The Five. I thought it was terrific. Succinct and to the point.

Woman is terrorized, woman gets restraining order but realizes that's just paper, applies to own a gun and is neglected to death. The State Of New Jersey Approach is a massive failure that contributed to a woman's death.

That logic is apparent to anyone who is rational and impartial, and not just already-convinced 2A supporters.

Hoplophobes, of course, will not be moved.

P.S. And I LOVED the Trenton imagery. How about "Trenton Fakes, The Criminals Take"?


Update: I will copy this post to the thread about the new ad specifically and pick up from there. Saw this one first


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The NRA finally does something very positive for NJ, geared to the simplistic apathetic people that live here and your complaining? 

How about sharing that video with everyone you know?

Maybe it will start something that will make needed change in this State.

While you and many are ecstatic that the NRA's has finally acknowledged that New Jersey even exists and is a hot bed for egregious  2'nd amendment violations.... I on the other hand believe it to be too little too late.

So share with your family and friends...rail against the injustice and sleep well in the fact that the NRA has finally tossed us a bone...and a well gnawed at one at that.

I for one save my resources,energy and righteous indignation for my eventual escape from this state and it's boondoggle causes.

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Maybe they're paying attention , just saw the latest ad , LaPierre talking about the Carol Bowne murder , sorry no YouTube link.


That's the way I would bet. You guys got some national attention over this, it wasn't spontaneous media attention IMO. Heck, there wasn't much media attention. I think you guys are making a little headway drawing in the rest of the country.

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