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3-Year Plea Deal for Morristown HQ possessor

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I'd love to know the details of this case other then anti-gun PRNJ.com. The only other information I could find was that the cops said he gave "inconsistent reasons" for being there and he and his mother said he was there for "job related purposes".


Sure the equipment he was carrying was odd, but perhaps he's just a paranoid mall-ninja type... if something were to happen perhaps he'd feel he'd be prepared as a first responded type before the police could arrive.


The way I see it, I would think they would throw the book at him with a 20+ year sentence (which they easily could do with all of the laws broken) if they thought he was that much of a threat.... Especially in anti-gun rights PRNJ. I'm sure we're not getting the full story.


Whats funny is that in a different state, this would have been a non-issue. Only states like NJ have people brainwashed to think that someone with body armor and handguns is immediately a crazy nut and a threat to society. In my new home state, I can walk out the door wearing a vest and 3 handguns loaded with hollow points and walk down through a busy shopping area without a problem. I won't be arrested or paraded in the media as being a nut.

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