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How far to your home range?

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After a long layoff from my initial jump into shooting and owning back in 2011, I got a bug again and this time I would love to join a range. As many may know here, I am in Robbinsville (Mercer Co). I took the

NRA Basic Pistol course at CRRC in West Windsor. At that time, I was NOT at all impressed with their facilties. To my eyes, it appeared rather old and run down, almost like it has never been remodeled or

updated since the 70s! I certainly realized it may have ben updated or modernized in the past four years. Are there current CRRC members here who can enlighten about this?

So than CRRC can remain an option as I may give them another look. Besides CRRC, I have Range 14 and CJRPC in Jackson. I think CJRPC may be a bit out of my budget for their initial start up fee

and than annual membership costs. Langhorne Gun Club in Bucks County is close too, but I believe you need to go on a waiting list, as they currently are no full memership capacity.


I am an educated professional and would much rather join a club geared towards families, professionalism and respect. I am very turned off by the 21 year old who goes and shoots with friends and holds and

shoot sideways and does the whole ganster thing with their Glock, covered in tatoos and body piercings. Sorry, I dont know how to describe it gently without offending.


I was really wondering exactly just how far (miles) do guys (or girls) drive to their home ranges? Who here has the longest drive time from their home to their home range? To me, it seems like RTSP is the model

range/gunshop in NJ, but they are about a 1 1/2 drive, probably too far, I would think?

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Also look into Wicen`s Farm. They are very Safety oriented with a lot of RO`s and there is no membership. Its a daily fee. Nice place. I ve been going there once in a while for years. Not Far from Tanner`s Firearms Shop.




i currently shoot at Easton Fish and Game in Easton,PA and i drive 40min to get there.

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15 minutes to Riverdale or North Jersey Clay Target Club. 45 minutes to Cherry Ridge or Somerset.


Yes, it's a lot of clubs-but I can't get all of the range features I want with fewer, unless I drive much further...and then I'd have less time for shooting.

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