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Where are the squirrels and rabbits at...

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We keep a bird feeder going for the squirrels just to give our dogs something to do. They guard and they hunt, so prey moving across the canopy of our yard is perfect for giving them purpose (and exercise). 

Sometimes they get to charge one on the ground cleaning up, but they haven't actually caught one yet, so it's just great fun.

I had a dog that would chase squirrels but would not eat them when she got within killing range. Are your squirrels really that good or are your dogs kinda lame like my old dog? :)


My friend Jeff's dogs kill anything on sight. They are kinda dumb, though.

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So I was walking down the street pulling my son in a wagon and I saw an albino squirrel. I think he was dead but I didn't want to pick him up due to the fact he didn't look hurt or bloody and I Def wasn't gonna put that in the wagon w my son is the pelt worth anything? Should I go back and get it?

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Did it have red eyes and a pink nose? If it had normal eyes and a dark color nose it was not albino it's leutistic, close but not the same as albino. The leutistic gene is in the grey squirrel population in my neighborhood. Talking with an old timer he told me that they have been showing up every few years for over 40 years. I found one dead on the road last summer but and I was going to skin it out but it was full of maggots and the fur started to slip already. I don't think it's worth much of anything. Fur prices are down low.

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