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24hrs after elections here it comes.

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This is all I saw. I have no idea


Just signed up again on recallsweeney.com to collect signatures.  Hopefully this is what we are supposed to be doing.


Edit - Actually I just looked at Recall Sweeney Facebook page.  There is a video "Freedom Prevails at the Ballot Box".  You need to click the "see more" and you'll see:


MEANWHILE... OUTSIDE OF NJ - in free America - PRO 2A Candidates WON Election Night in Landslide Victories

Behind the NJ Progressive Curtain, oppression was voted in. You just can't compete with free. Freeloaders, Public Unions and low information voters will vote to hand over civil liberties in exchange for bigger government and state control with the largest tax burden in America forced upon the working class.

The message is clear - NJ Voters want:

1) The Highest Property Taxes Worldwide

2) Government Controlled Common Core Education

3) Highest Inheritance Tax

4) Highest State Income Taxes

5) A .20 cent increase in Gas Taxes or more.

6) Higher Crime Rates without Citizens Self Protection

7) Highest Salary Increases for State Workers and More Taxes to Fund their early retirements and state Pensions. Plus free medical benefits for life.

8) Judges who will set Criminals Free to Prey on the law abiding

9) Total annihilation of the working class.

10) Push more Businesses out of NJ

11) More welfare cities with No Go Zones.

12) The highest commuting times and cost per / mile.

.... The voters want the entire State of NJ to resemble Detroit, MI - the message is clear.

We hear you NJ Voters and don't worry the NJ Democratic leadership will destroy what remains of the Garden State - You wanted a repressive progressive government regime and that's exactly what you will get.



"I have not yet begun to fight!"

John Paul Jones 1779

WE STILL HAVE THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2015 TO MAKE AN IMPACT IN NEW JERSEY AND HAVE OUR VOICES HEARD. The NJ Senate was not changed and is still run by the number one Thug in the state of NJ "Stephen Sweeney."

Yes, we (Recall Sweeney members) have already COLLECTED OVER 50% OF THE REQUIRED SIGNATURES FOR A SUCCESSFUL RECALL ELECTION. YES, we have thousands of signatures already collected of the 35,000 required.

Without at least 500 People on this site stepping up TODAY and contacting Alexander Roubian [email protected] we will NOT make it. We all can't just sit back and expect others to fight for what's left of our constitutional rights in NJ - YOU HAVE TO STEP UP AND TAKE A STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

We are planning a "RECALL SURGE" the weekend of SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14th and SUNDAY NOVEMBER 15th 2015. You can email [email protected] TODAY AND ARRANGE TO GET YOUR PACKET. Include a name, address and cell phone number and he will get back to you.

Let's make this work - If we don't finish what we started then we can't blame anyone but ourselves.

Molen Labe



So I just emailed him as well.

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I'd much rather get Loretta Weinberg removed from office ... "Confiscate -  Confiscate - Confiscate"


My understanding is, she's  "untouchable."   Something on the order of 80+ % favorable in her district.  You would have to dig up some real dirt on her that forces her out... :dontknow:

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