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Cheap Loadmasters

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Thank you. I was actually planning on pm'ing you to see if I can show you my set up sometime. I've seen your posts on leeloader.

It's brand new, I've never loaded on it yet. I'm sure I'm not short stroking it, the indexing rod gets stuck and locks up my shell plate do that it can't move.


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Or don't use your case feeder on the Loadmaster until you are fully comfortable with the press. That way you put in one case, carefully watch it go all around and see that there are no problems, then you load the next one.

Where are you located?  I would be happy to try and help you out...

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Ok thanks for the responses!   I figure that the load master can do more than the turret press and when not using all functions of the load master it will work the same as the turret press.  Kinda seems like a no brainier.  Load master seems like the way to go.  Gonna buy one this weekend! :)  Thanks guys

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Actually, I'm happy I didn't place the order.  After reading reviews of this company I feel like its a scam.  There are tons of reviews saying the product was never shipped and they don't answer their phone.  The only good reviews seemed as if someone who was affiliated with the company wrote them to offset the bad reviews.  Why do they need all my personal information and a copy of my firearms id just to create an account with them.  Has anyone had any successful dealings with them?  I am only buying a press  there is no need to retrieve all my personal information for a press.  Am i wrong?

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