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setting up lyman t-mag press

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just bought a complete lyman t-mag press with all the trimmings. first time reloader and im having some trouble getting it set up safely and correctly. im looking for someone to possibly come to my home and help me out or maybe walk me through it somehow. id be more then willing to pay for your time. if interested or can help, you can contact me directly at ivan0000013@yahoo.com . thanks.i really need some help as I now am the proud owner of a $500 paper weight.lol.

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Ivan. I cant help you. But. I was in your same position the other year. I had no f'n clue. But try to figure it out by reading and asking. It will all come together. Yes if someone can come over that really knows what theyre doing, it makes it a hell of alot easier. Luckily i had a friend thats been doing it for many a moon. If i didnt have him show me id still maybe be at a loss. Start with pistol caliber. Its the easiest. Then figure out rifle. Good luck. I find it relaxing and i enjoy it. Just be very cautious and precise at every stage.

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Read, a lot.

I bought my first press around the first of the year and have had to figure it out for myself. I started with a couple books on reloading and read them before choosing my equipment.

I also watched a lot of videos to help me decide which press to buy. Once my press came, I found videos to help me set it up and then picked up a few reloading manuals.

I've got a number of test loads (.45 acp) under my belt and have loaded another 50 rounds as a "production test." I'm still a beginner, but I'm making progress. Start, or keep on reading and watch videos and you'll be on your way.


Edit: Not knowing what you've read, I'll suggest a few of the books that I started with. I found "The ABCs of Reloading" helpful and the Hornady and Lyman manuals are both worth their weight in gold.

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Looks like a nice press. Just wondering why you went with that turret press vs. a Lee classic turret? I realize they are both single stage presses but with the LCT it gives you the ability to prime and powder charge on press rather than doing those seperately, off the press.

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