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Detroit Free Press - Gun Licensing to change in Michigan, Effective December 1st.

Apparently, an improvement in the process by eliminating "county boards" that can deny permits or require the applicant to show "justifiable need."

One concern:  The article states that the Michigan State Police will be conducting the background checks "...to see if applicants are legally disqualified due to their age, criminal history, mental illness or other factors."

Age??? :crazy: Since when  has that been a factor?   As long as a person has no physical or neurological issues that would hinder the person from operating the gun safely, why should age matter?

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Probably not a good idea to give a CCW to a 12 year old.


How  many 12 year olds have a "driver's license/State ID" to submit as "identification?"   Even if it's a teen with a DL but still under age,  would not the receiving clerk ask for a copy of it, look at it, and stop the process long before it gets to the State Police for vetting? :dontknow:

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