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any of you guys have experience with em? i've got an 01 ford e450 sen/han type bus here. it's got the braus ufl1000 wheelchair life on the side door. i managed to get a service manual sent to me from braun. that let me find that the entire pump module on the wall behind the driver was wired wrong. as was the handheld switch box. i can't find the relay center for it though....unless that's the one above the drivers head. but i can't find any wiring from the module headed up that way.


 it doesn't extend. i can't manually extend it, as it is just freewheeling when i spin the manual lowering pin. even now that i've re-wired it to macth the diagrams, the only thing that functions is the "up" button. that perplexes me though, 'cause there's wire off of the up solenoid that's hot. and i don't think it should be, unless switched.


 i'm getting to a point where i'm spending too much time on this thing, and can't seem to find anyone willing to offer advice. i called a local braun dealer, and they were about as helpful as hepc.


 anyone got anything?


 thanks man!

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Hey, check out bornmann's in Glassboro. We run a medical equipment business in sj and they did a fantastic job transferring the lift from our old van to our new one. Altho, I have ran into issues with our lift because it's old, and most of the time it's just gets hung up on the scissor arms of the lift.


Bornmann's RV


131 Delsea Dr S, Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 881-7979

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