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Are bump fire stocks legal in nj

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There is a bump fire grip that is legal.....can find it online, if not I can ask the RO at my range who has one where he got his next week. Also He shoots it at SJSC

The GRIP is a new product! Legal in the PRNJ so far as I know! I still see myself letting loose with that on my AR and all the ROs come running to bust my A$$!!!

I thought Jersey had something in the statutes about any modification that could enhance the rate of fire as being illegal! I could be wrong but someone who knows better will eventually chime in!!!!

I could very well be mistaken about this due to my perpetual state of paranoia caused by my residency here!!!!!!

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I saw a gentleman and his daughters shooting a Bumpfire equipped AR at SJSC earlier this year. The RO came running when he heard the burst of fire, but was cool with it, once he saw what it was.

I don't know about legality in NJ, but it seemed like an expensive way to blow through a bunch of ammo.


To each their own, though.

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