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Hello from New Milford

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Hello everyone! I found this forum while searching for 3-gun competition stuff! (Mostly looking into what handgun I should get, but I'll save those questions for another post)


I am 24 from New Milford as it says in the title. I have been shooting with my father at Cherry Ridge Shooting Range since I was probably about 12. About 2 years ago I bought my first gun; the rifle shown in the picture.


Was surprised to see this forum so active, especially with many people even from Bergen County or very close to it.


Anyway, since I discovered what 3 gun was I immediately wanted to try it, however being in college and a part time job is making that rough for obvious reasons. However hopefully by this spring I can get a handgun squared away and try it out!


Glad to have found this site!

Happy New Year everyone!







*** I always wear eye protection when shooting... I honestly have no idea what happened here. My brother caught me slipping up I suppose D:  ***

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Welcome! New Milford PD is very gun friendly. Before I moved out of town my last batch of permits took 7 calendar days.


They sure are! Took me less than 2 weeks to get my FID. Including fingerprinting, etc. (Which from what I've heard isn't bad at all)






Just an FYI - EFGA (Easton) will be holding 3-gun matches starting in March.

Good to know! I assume there will be more info on their website?


-Also, I imagine 3-gun in NJ is either more difficult or different in general due to the magazine restrictions, correct?






Thank you for the welcome everyone!

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Welcome. No 3 gun in nj isnt more difficult in nj. Youre just limited to 15 rounds. See you at easton 3 gun. Any questions. Just ask.


Yes, but Easton is in PA - 30 round friendly. The MD is a NJ resident so I'm not sure what, if any, accommodation will be made for NJ shooters. This is a question for the MD once the match announcement is actually made.




Pizza Bob

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