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Is it Legal in NJ for Gun Range/Store Employees to Open Carry?

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Sorry for that.....in the world of Const. MT = Empty.


What does on duty at the store mean...........a Police Presents....or just armed sales help ?



Go back and look at his signature. If you can use abbreviations like "MT," he can use "RSO."  :)

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Today I made my trip to 3 different shops. Here is what I found at each shop.

Shop #1 owner carrying gun loaded. 1 employee, not carrying.

Shop #2 owner not there, 2 employees not carrying.

Shop #3 owner not there, 1 employee carrying loaded, Retired Leo. 2 Employees carrying unloaded revolvers. Each had 1 rd quickly available.


These were my findings today. 

Don't know if it helps with the OP but just thought I would throw it out there.

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I can't find anything in the statutes under the exemptions that would allow a retail licensed gun store employee to carry a loaded firearm. Actually I can't find anything that would allow them to handle any firearm other than transporting them under 2c36-6 subsection g conditions (unloaded in a fastened box, etc). Same goes for a customers fondling retail guns.


This is the same twilight zone are of law like letting your friend hold your gun at your home makes both of you felons. While technically illegal, it goes against the spirit of the law to go after. It seems unofficially the govt overlords consider gun shops as gun ranges even if a physical range doesn't exist.


Just file it under the selective enforcement section. Just like the AWB is still on the books in full force yet is just not prosecuted provided people play the evil feature game.



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