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Armory Racks - Multi-Gun Handgun Storage

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Armory Racks® are a patented high-density space-saving solution for handguns. The racks are designed to allow in-place pistol removal and replacement in tight storage spaces like safes, where space is precious and expensive.


The multi-gun models are equipped with sturdy carrying handles allowing easy portability from location to location, like a safe to a display area, or a work area. The carrying handles also double as a means of securing mounted pistols using a cable lock. 


Armory Racks also can optionally be configured with a storage tray, so spare magazines and small accessories can be stored below the pistols, providing easy access.


Online store: http://www.armoryracks.com/online-store  Pricing starting at  $19.55 with multiple options.





FAQ: http://www.armoryracks.com/faq


Video Review http://youtu.be/8uqRLQjR8G4

Product Review --> http://www.fourguysguns.com/blog/whitey/armory-racks
Product Review --> P64 Thread: Out of the Box Review: Armory Rack (4 Gun)
Product Review --> Gunmart: Review: Armory Racks Secure and Carry Handgun Storage Rack
Product Review --> Haus of Guns: Review: Armory Racks Storage Rack
Product Review --> Jerking The Trigger: Review: Armory Rack (8 Gun)



  • Space-saving design, ideal for gun safes and showcases
  • Store up to 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 handguns per rack, mix revolvers and semi-autos
  • Pocket-pistols to full size handguns are supported including calibers .22 and larger 
  • Quality constructed coated welded metal rack 
  • Easy individual gun removal / replacement while inside your safe and confined spaces
  • Protective cap for gun barrel protection (.32 and larger)
  • Optional increased barrel and crown protection with an add-on neoprene hanger wrap
  • Under gun accessory tray for storage of valuable items
  • In holster on rack is supported for most holster gun combinations


  • Utilize the carry handle along with the trigger guards of your guns to secure them to the rack with a cable lock
  • Enable quick secure access at a show, shop or with your personal collection 


  • Quickly and securely move your collection 
  • Carry handle enables easy and safe transport to and from your safe, showcase or table top

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Thanks for all the pics, and Jack, thanks for your feedback.


How much space is there in between the handguns, if you have a thick gun, say Desert Eagles, or guns with extended safeties, etc.  Or revolvers?



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The Hangers are 2" on center and were designed to support all gun types next to each other. Full size wheel guns can sit next to each other with room between as well as full size semi-autos.


Check out the website for a ton of pics on both the product pages as well as the photos page. Here is a link to our customer feedback page with even more pics. http://www.pinterest.com/armoryracks/customer-armory-racks/

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