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AR Beginners Course April 17, 2016

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GAPP will be offering an AR beginners course on April 17, 2016 at Fort Dix Range 14. This course is the NRA First steps rifle course (specifically for the AR rifle platform). It is designed to introduce the new AR-15 owner to their rifle properly and safely. The classroom portion covers the history of the platform, disassembly, reassembly, cleaning, and aftermarket accessories... as well as the laws regarding rifles of this type. Several models are available to look at and will be used for demonstration in the classroom... and one can be provided for use on the range if you don't own an AR yet and just want to learn how to shoot one. After lunch, we head out to the range and zero your rifle... and see if you can hit a steel plate at 200 yards. The course length is approximately 6 hours and the cost is $180. If you're a new AR owner or if you've had one sitting in your safe for a while, come out and learn more about it. For registration info, go to http://gappnj.com/rifle/ar_beginners. The class size is limited so register soon.

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    • By ESB
      Going to do a few posts on at home training including what you need, how to do it safely and cover some drills.  From basic to some more advanced stuff.  Really the importance is to focus on perfecting the basics and make it become second nature.  It's important to start slowly, fix any mistakes, and build proper muscle memory.  Avoid getting sloppy or lazy and developing training scars. 
      Practice does not make perfect.  Practice makes permanent.  Only perfect practice makes perfect.  
      I like to spend about 20 minutes a few days a week.  5 minutes for setup and clean up, and 15 minutes for practice.  That's all that's really needed.  Make sure you have a goal in mind on what you want to focus on.  This will prevent you from getting sloppy and getting training scars, and will help you stay interested by allowing you to constantly improve.  
      Setup a safe area where you will not be interrupted.  Place your targets in the safest position in case of an accidental misfire.  
      Immediately check and make your gun clear.  Do the same with the magazines you will be practicing with (recommend 2 empty magazines).  
      Retrieve all of the items you might need for this training.  You don't want to have to go back into the safe or storage where your live guns and ammo are once you start practicing.  
      Store and lock up all live ammunition away from where you will be doing the training for the entire duration of the training.  If you can't lock it up, it should be in a separate room where you will not go until your training session is totally finished and you are putting everything away.  
      Every time you pick up the gun, check that it is clear.  Even though you know its clear, this creates the mindset to always check the status of a gun when you pick it up.  
      When you are done training, you are done.  Don't go back and do one more thing after you start putting things away.  This is when accidents happen.  
    • By Lone Shark
      Daniel Defense - DDM4-V7 - Rattlecan Cerakote Finish, .556 Semi-Auto Rifle, M-LOK, 16" Barrel.

      Included with Rifle:
      3 - Daniel Defense 10 rd. Mags.
      Daniel Defense Muzzle Climb Mitigator, Gen II.
      Magpul front and rear flip sights
      BipodDeflector Brake Kit
      Tipton Max Force carbon fiber cleaning rod.
      Daniel Defense full-latch impact plastic case
      380 rounds ammo.
      Monmouth County Area - $2,960.

      All Brand New - Never Fired - New Jersey Compliant
      The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.

    • By StanMan01
      Looking to sell an AR-15 with the following specs:
      Barrel: PSA 18" .223 Wylde SS Barrel (1/7 Twist)
      Comp: VG6 Comp Pin and Welded by Tier 1
      Rail: PSA Lightweight 15" MLOK Rail
      BCG: PSA 5.56 Nitride MPI Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group  purchased on October 9th 2020
      Optics: Scope is not included. I can include an EoTech 512 with GG&G Lens Cover (Logo is plain GG&G Logo) with box for $355 if the buyer is interested (Eotech Sold)
      Receiver: PSA AR-15 Lower Safe/Fire purchased on October 20th 2020. 
      LPK: PSA Lower Parts Kit
      Stock: RRA A2 Buttstock Kit, Black
      Trigger: Geissele SSA-E Trigger ($240 Trigger) - Has 0 rounds on it, Purchased on October 23rd. Can include original MilSpec take-off trigger
      Pistol Grip - Have a replacement Hogue OverMolded Pistol Grip that will be included
      2 - 10rd PMags Included
      Ammo:Depending on Buyer need I can sell .223 or 5.56 (XM193 or XM855) at cost
      Misc. Accessories: CMMG .22lr Conversion Kit unused with 10rd mag - $120 (Only looking to sell with the AR at the moment)
      Rounds Count:
      Upper has about 250 rounds down the pipe
      Lower: Maybe 50 Rounds
      Price: $SOLD
      Location: Essex or Monmouth County FFL
      Buyer must have FID and matching Driver License. Transfer will abide by all state/federal laws 
      First "I'll take it" gets it
      Can provide additional photos upon request.

    • By Swizz70
      Hello Gents,

      I'm selling my (like new) AR mid length complete upper receiver chambered in 300BLKOUT 7.62 × 35mm manufactured by Special Ops Tactical.  Only put approximately 100 rounds through it. For those of you who don't know, this basically will fit on most AR lowers and uses the same AR magazines but gives you a .30 caliber (7.62 x 35) by just swapping the upper receiver if you are looking for a heavier load and more knock down power for hunting etc. (obviously state laws apply). I'm only selling it because I ended up buying a complete .30 caliber rifle.

      Here are some specs:

      300 BLK Out Nitride - 14.5″ Pinned to 16" Overall Midlength Upper
      GPX 12.6" MLOK Free Floating Rail System with continuous 1913 Picatinny rail on top
      Muzzle Brake Original "Black Magic" 30 Cal (pinned & welded NJ legal).
      {Nitride} M4 Extended Feed Ramps
      Nitride M4 Barrel Extension
      1:7 Twist Rate
      5/8×24 Thread Pitch
      Raptor Charging Handle

      Price: $695

      Pm or email me with any questions: [email protected]
      I am in Deptford NJ.
      A "PM sent" DOES NOT ESTABLISH THE SALE. If you want the item, post "I'll take it" and should the deal fall apart the seller can post "still available." Should you reach a negotiated price via PM then post "I'll take it per our PM(s)"  on this thread.

    • By salvatorejrc
      I just got my FID for long guns, although I don't know anything about guns or ammo. What is a good gun to get my hands on that will help me learn more but won't break the bank, at the same time being ideal at home defense?
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