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Pine Baron

Conversion Cylinder

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I posted this on 1858remington, so I apologize if any of my friends there are seeing this again here.


Here's the problem:
I lost my outdoor shooting spot to those cursed land developers.
Until I find an outdoor range that doesn't require an arm and a leg to join or isn't closed all the time, my only option is my local indoor range (where everybody knows my name) BP NOT allowed.
Weapon of choice, 8" 1858 Remmy Lyman (Uberti) mfg. mid 70's, shoots .454 RB over 30 gns. Pyrodex, #11 caps.
Limited and I mean LIMITED funds.
Howel R&D .45 ACP conversion cylinder
Less expensive, less intrusive (no cutting or loading gate installation)
.45 ACP, because I have the reloading dies already and a ton of brass
I plan on reloading .454 RB over Unique or Red Dot until I can afford a proper mold, etc.
What do you all think? Be brutal I can take it.


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How about loading with Trail Boss? I doubt that you could cram enough of that into a .45 ACP case to damage the gun.

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That is a steel frame 1858 isn't it?


Just be sure to load them light like Cowboy Action loads. The lower the pressure the better. That conversion cylinder won't make up for a frame that was designed for black powder.


Otherwise have at it.

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Thanks guys,

Trailboss is the definitive cowboy powder. I was planning starting less than 5gns. Unique under .454 RB (IIRC 142gns.) until I can find some TB. My question is .45ACP bullet dia. is .452. Will .454 RB cause any chambering problems? Keep in mind this is a revolver, so cycling and magazine feed is not a consideration, but headspacing on the case NOT the rim is. Anybody tried this?

Yes, steel frame. I would keep the pressure below 850fps.

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Being that if you should be shaving a slight ring of lead from that ball when lpadding it with BP you may problems loading and chambering.


You can find the answer by loading up some dummy rounds. No powder or primer. You also may have to get a .454 expander. I would seat and crimp in two separate operations. Shooting round pure lead balls you would need to lube them. This can be solved by using some liquid alox lube like Lee makes.


Lyman 48 under 45 acp shows 670 fps and 7700 cup for 5 gr of Unique with a 200gr lead bullet in a 5" test barrel. However I use 6.0 Unique with a 200 swc(well under the 7.5 gr listed as max) and get 950 fps in a 1911.


I would approach the charge cautiously. I also would be prepares for a squib when I try them out at the range.


Don't think of velocity but pressure. Thats hard to do as we don't have the facilities to measure it.


Keep us posted. Your experiment is interesting.

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