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Weinberg trying to stop Chrisie's recent Exec order to A.G.

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Another NRA-ILA "alert" - I guess this is the latest info on the status of these new proposals... https://www.nraila.org/articles/20160624/new-jersey-anti-gun-politicians-going-for-the-knockout-punch 




Sorry 'bout that, trying this link yet again:



If that doesn't work, perhaps you'll have to copy/paste into browser?

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I received a canned response back from Menendez saying pretty much "thanks for the letter but I am voting for the no fly list anyway." I tried to reply back to his email and it bounced back as 'undeliverable' to that address. 



Undeliverable because the email server in Hell is waaaay overloaded.

Too many politicians spamming their constituents with lies and half-truths.

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