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Problems for Alias Training

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Some of you have heard me bitch about Paul and Alias Training before. Here's some news.


Jeff Gonzalas and his company Trident Concepts are severing ties with Alias Training:

Severing Ties with Alias Training and Security


Austin, TX July 7, 2016...All hands,


As many of you are aware we have been utilizing the services of Alias Training and Security (ATS) over the last 20 months. Recently, we have experienced some major problems forcing us to reconsider our association with ATS. They have been delinquent on paying us for the last several classes and more than likely will not be paying us for our CQB class in Alliance, OH I am currently getting ready for this coming week.


I am not the only one who has experienced these problems, good friends and fellow trainers Mike Pannone, Pat McNamara and Craig Douglas have all had similar experience both in delinquency of revenue owed as well as lack of communications with ATS. I feel and I know I echo the others my level of frustration has reached a point where I have exhausted all avenues and the benefit of the doubt has reached the reasonable limit.


While we have done our best to communicate and come up with a reasonable solution all of our efforts have failed leading to our decision. Effective immediately I will not longer be working with ATS to promote and book our classes, all class from this point forward will be done through our own services and website.



While it should be apparent I do not have any control or influence over how ATS manages their operations, know the rest of the group and I went above and beyond trying to remedy this situation. I take this matter very seriously and I'm sure you will all see how the group and I have acted in the most professional manner, but now it is time to move forward. I count myself very fortunate to have been as successful as I have been over the years and I am indebted to the students who trust us with their training needs. This too I take very seriously and while this situation is unfortunate it in no way has affected our mission, our professionalism or our efforts.


For those of you who have registered with ATS please contact them in an effort to get refunded your class fees. Please understand, we cannot continue to carry the debt forward so as of the release of this notification all classes are canceled. I have conducted three classes to include a week long class for free as we attempted to work through this problem. My fees owed will be close to $20k so while I wish I had a better solution I am working as best as I can within the framework of reasonable solutions.


This much I can promise you, we will not fall into this situation again. We have taken safeguards and implemented new policies moving forward with the primary objective of reconstituting the classes we have the rest of the year on our schedule. If you are not able to get a refund from ATS we suggest you contact your credit card company and initiate a a claim requesting your funds be returned.


If you have any grievances with ATS I would like to hear from you so please contact us. I will do my level best to respond during next week's class so bare with me. I hope I have conveyed to you the situation and my response, I am anxious to move forward and put this behind us. Thank you for your understanding and patience and most important your steadfast support.

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From their Facebook page.


It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that as of Monday July 11, 2016 Alias Training & Security Services, LLC will be closing its doors. An ongoing dispute with our merchant services financial company has made things untenable. Our apologies to all affected students, instructors, etc. To all students of upcoming classes please expect an email early this week to explain the situation in more detail.

Again our most sincere apologies,

Alias Staff


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LAV has jumped off the ATS wagon too.

Looks like the LAV will be spearheading a new company called Aztec Training and will fill the void left by Alias. Hopefully he does a better job than Paul Hotaling did.




Oh, and don't confuse Alias Training & Security (ATS) with ATS Tactical (http://atstacticalgear.com) who make good gear and have excellent CS.

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I trained with Kyle Defoor a couple weeks ago. He broke off from Alias two years ago and  has a very successful business. Mostly mil/LEO contracts with a few cilivian offerings on the weekends. He said all it took was to hire a couple part time administrative staff to set up classes, collect money etc so he didnt have to deal with that too much and focus on teaching.

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The class was a 2 day pistol class in Bethlehem, PA. It was an outstanding experience for me. I had a few paradigm shifts on shooting, gun handling, preparedness, situational awareness and mindset after the class. I am someone who has trained with a few top tier instructors the past few years such as Todd Jarrett, Ken Hackathorn, Larry Vickers, and Pat McNamara to name a few. They are all excellent but for me at least, Kyle DeFoor taught me things that he has learned from real world experience and that is priceless. He would explain to us how certain things have been taught classically and then show us why that will probably get us in trouble or killed if used in a real situation. Just his shooting on the move and turn and draw are worth the price of admission.


Here is an AAR by a fellow student that I befriended during the two day class. Its a great summary of my experience as well. I am definitely going to train with Kyle Defoor in the future when I get the opportunity. I dont really even care about the subject matter b/c I will get a ton from learning from his experience. His classes are limited enrollment and usually sell out within 24 hours.





How was the defoor class. He is probably the one guy I'd most want to train with based on what I've seen following him.

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