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I am going to run another introduction to IDPA class in September. There are quite a few members here who have taken the class and followed up with going to matches and having a good time getting off the X.


If you have been wanting to get into practical shooting matches, but want a step up so you don't walk in blind, please consider this class.


Sign up is here:


Thanks for looking,


Stu (Mr.)

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Does anyone know if there is going to be another Intro class in Nov or Dec?

I went to check out an IDPA match last year around this time and promptly got sidetracked by other things but have still been thinking about it.

Still a little out of my comfort zone to go in cold but I might do a intro class to try it out.


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The range is outdoors so dress accordingly for the weather. I'm hoping it will be nice still.


I'll be there from somewhere between 9:30 and 10 but I'll be on the rifle range zeroing a new to me rifle.


I'll start setting up the class at around 11. Help won't be turned away, but this is a paid class, not a match where everybody involved is a volunteer.

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      Hello all,
      My name is Ryan Quirk and I am the owner of Servo Group Tactical. I registered on here some time ago however would like to become an official vendor however am unsure on how to do so. I messaged one individual I was told to contact but it hasn't been read. Just looking for some insight so I can post future courses we are hosting in NJ and PA.
      thanks in advance, stay safe and hope to see you soon,

      CEO Servo Group LLC
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      Hello from Black Hat Training Corps, BHTC ( 
      We have opened up our RECCE/DMR course for registration. This is an and/or course. You can bring rifles set up for either task and shoot them both if you wish. 
      30 second elevator description: 
      This is a high round count, long distance rifle course that focuses on practical employment of the AR platform rifle with magnified optics either 10+(DMR), or the 1-4 or 1-6 range (RECCE) out to the furthest possible distance. Both you and your platform will be pushed to their limits. We recommend 200-250 rounds for each class of rifle you bring. Bring more == shoot more. 
      If you don't know about us, feel free to ask openly here, on, or the njgunforums. 

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      DMR/SDM Definition, Role, and capabilities 
      Evolution and Demand of the DMR and RECCE platforms, and how it differs from other roles 
      A look at different and useful ways to configure both platforms 
      Ballistics, Trajectory 
      Review on range estimation 
      Practical Alternative zeroing techniques 
      SBU prone engagements 
      Significant amount of Reticle work 
      Multiple target engagement techniques 
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      Working with non-traditional support 
      Shooting from hasty positions 
      Some work on traditional unsupported positions 
      Full darkness night fire (green laser designator illuminated targets, no NV or suppressor required) 
      Scenario based final exam with pass or fail elements
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      I have reserved the dojo at RTSP for April 24, 1pm-4pm.
      $120 + $10 for a training knife
      Tactical Knife Proficiencies: D.R.O. 2
      This seminar will expand on the physical skills taught in the D.R.O. 1 course of using a knife for self defense. We will be covering additional situations and drills to advance the participants' attributes in the following skills:    Deployment - Accessing and utilizing your blade (focusing on the use of a folder)   Retention - Retaining/holding onto your blade   Obstructions - Getting your blade to your target while something is attempting to stop it    Without addressing these three aspects, you can't use your knife to protect your life or others around you.   This seminar will be taught by Chris LaCava, M.S., L.Ac.   Participants need to bring the following: *Eye protection that can be secured to the head  *Folding Training blade
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    • By Nucrunner
      If you’re in the Philadelphia viewing area,
      Action News (channel 6) is previewing an “Arming Yourself Against the Active Shooter” segment for tonight’s (2/26) 11 o’clock news.
      Previews show folks buying guns and getting training – I have no idea how the news station will treat to topic – just a head’s up if you want to watch it.
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