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Sig Sauer P227 TACOPS

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I just picked her up, and can't wait to shoot this beast. She is a cannon w/14+1 45acp 230g cannonballs. Feels great in the hands. A very well made gun. You can't complain about the price when it includes 4/14 rd extended mags. 





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    • Well, I need every frame I can get for a 280hz monitor. Currently running 3900X, 32GB RAM, x570 board, GTX 1080, and a m.2 drive. Just barely hacking it in some competitive FPS games. Not netting the 280 fps without dumbing down some settings, and I only drop them to a point, and even with that, I barely hit 280. Most games I hover around 120-150 maxed out settings. My card is dated, but I was waiting on the 30 series. I really want a 3080 or 6800 XT. The additional frames you get with the 5000 series CPUs has made that an easy choice for me as well. All I have to do is upgrade the BIOS and swap out the CPU.  Then I’ll throw the 3900X in a new build for the wife.  
    • Not sure why you’d need a 5000 series cpu.  Want....sure.  Need? If you’re gaming, a 3800x or 3900x is more than fine. I’d focus on a gpu and better display. Maybe you render stuff with Maya?  I’d use Zync’s hosted rendering and get a 24 hour job done in 24 minutes.  You get 300 host-hours free on sign up and the only limit is the job can only be spread across 50 virtual machines. If you just want the latest stuff and have money to burn..that’s cool too. I just built a new system today. Bought some of what I needed at Microcenter in Conshohocken, PA. 3800xt cpu EVGA 2080Ti  (Newegg) 32 Gig ram 1 TB M.2 ssd Asus x570 motherboard HP Omen 27” 165 Hz 4K display.  (Bestbuy) This display is incredible.  Noticeable difference side by side with a 144 Hz Dell Gsync. Already had a new case and PS.   The total cost of what I got at Microcenter was actually a little less than NewEgg.Prices But if you want the 3000 series Nvidia gpus or the new AMD cpus, you’re going to wait and also pay a premium.  If you wanted a super high end gpu, I’d SLI a pair of 2070 Supers.  But even that, imho..isn’t worth it.
    • Do you think they might also bring back the Model 15 one day?
    • Not true.... You cannot shoot alone and rent a firearm..... if you bring your own firearm you may shoot alone   https://www.rtsponline.com/range-rules/    
    • At RTSP, and many other ranges, the policy is that you can't shoot alone without an FID.  
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