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Repair Crack wood stock muzzleloader

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We have pins and acraglass



Tought to say how difficult it would be to repair without seeING it

Yep Nicky, Accraglass and pins are the way to go for repairs.

Though we have moved to other media for bedding, Accraglass is still the best for repairs.

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Grabbed an A5 from the shop months back....cracked all through the wrist etc...someone tried to hid it and I missed it....but I got a great deal on it..... once found where the cracks were.....


Decided how the pins would screw in.....some gentle drilling. ...acraglass...pins screws..... dn I think it's tighter now than before the cracks..... 500 rounds so far no noticeable changes. .. :drinks:there is a repair involved.


And the point you make is very good.  Any Long recoil shotgun, Browning A5 or Franchi and some Ithacas, Require good, almost perfect, wood to metal bedding on the stock.  Many times the only way to achieve this is rebedding.   Now for me If rebedding I will not use Accraglass unless there is a repair involved.

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