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The Court after Scalia: The next “conservative” Justice may not save the Second Amendment

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The Court after Scalia: The next “conservative” Justice may not save the Second Amendment


A thoughtful analysis by someone who knows a thing or two about the second amendment. He doesn't paint a rosy picture.




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It's a good article and paints an accurate long-term picture of civil and constitutional rights in general. Of note is the observation that even with five supposedly conservative justices they would not hear Drake.


Where I disagree is that thanks to legislatures gun rights are just about all we have left. Missouri is about to go constitutional carry. Our pathetic state notwithstanding, more Americans are freer to own and carry more guns than at any time in our history. And as my friends in Pennsy and from the South brag their fortresses are immune: "it's never coming here."


But prospects do not look good long term. We're preoccupied with guns the way philatelists are crazy about stamps, but we have the blinders on about most other things. Except for the 2nd Amendment the Bill of Rights is pretty much dead. And "it's never coming here" actually means "until the mexicans and muslims come here," which they are, oh boy they are. 


What goes up comes down. At some point the cities and counties will find ways around what seem to be unmovable state laws guaranteeing gun rights. Yeah, sorry to say even in Pennsylvania. Colorado is sort of the poster child for what will happen in PA and elsewhere. 


This is a fancy way of saying that white people are dying off in America, and that those who remain are increasingly pussified and brainwashed. Add that to demographics and a pliable judiciary and you have trouble. Or will have it.


The end will accelerate after Clinton's coronation. Guns, free speech, free association, disappearing before our eyes. I know she's behind in the polls but the bitch and her powerful backers will find a way. 

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The Court after Scalia: The next “conservative” Justice may not save the Second Amendment


A thoughtful analysis by someone who knows a thing or two about the second amendment. He doesn't paint a rosy picture.




An excellent read, though I wish it were less depressing. Thank you for posting as I might not have seen it otherwise.

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