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New to NJ and Forum

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Welcome and good luck. NJ has a "different" way of looking at gun laws than the real America. Here you can first assume it is illegal. Then search for an exemption that allows it. Many of the statutes are conflicting which makes it easy to get it wrong. Forums like this are great. There are a number of sticky pages that will get you started. Keep asking questions until you find out what you want to know.

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Welcome. After you're settled in find a good place to try a pork roll, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich on a Kaiser roll. It is DELICIOUS!


NJ doesn't like guns unfortunately for you. Fortunately, we REALLY like guns and can help answer questions you may have.


First, you are under no requirement to register anything. Second, you'll prob want to eventually get a NJ Firearms ID card. Allows you to buy long guns and handgun ammo in NJ. It isn't a conceal carry permit. Those pretty much don't exist here.


As mentioned by others there are stickies (top of handgun and rifle forums I believe) which will probably answer most of your questions. Feel free to ask anything though. Lots of helpful, friendly people here.

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Welcome!  :hi:


so far I am pretty uncomfortable with the gun laws here. 


You're not alone.


The forum is a great place to learn stuff, but you might want to add this to your reading list: http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/evan-nappen/new-jersey-gun-law/paperback/product-22228354.html



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