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Quick Access for modernized ak?

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while most of my firearms are in my cabinet i keep a couple in quick acess  typesafes in different locations in the house. I have a shot lock for my shotgun, and gunvault for handguns and while i know such things are not the greatest in all acounts they fit the bill for a compromise of ease, security, accessibility, legality and price. I have decided that my go to rifle is to far from my reach and want the option of not having to use my pistol to fight to my rifle if need be.  I was considering the shotlock ar for fitting my ak, i think it will fit, but i havent seen a dimension of the opening, just the overall insides to be sure if it will. Whatever i get needs to be wither a manual lock or a electronic with batery backup, no dials, biometrics or keys.I was wondeing if anyone has experience with either storing aks in similar devices or if they have an ar shotlock to take some measurements for me. If you have any alternatives to the above, let me know. Also unless anyone wants to give me free childcare and diapers for life, i am on a 2 infant type budget. Thanks in advance

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I have thought of those, and love the idea of concealment furniture, but all that ive seen, atleast what ive seen i may be able to afford has magnetic key locks, and i was hoping for a pushbutton combo as i figure ican get in quick, but the kids cant and i can never find keys when i need them

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