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New Remington RP9 and RP45

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Remington has announced a new full-size polymer striker-fired pistol, the RP9, which will be followed by the RP45. MSRP is still to be determined for the pistols, which feature double-stack magazines, but we’re getting a closer look during their official launch at the NASGW Show this week. In the meantime, more features and specifications are outlined here:




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What was the last handgun that Remington put out?   Oh yeah, the R51..  which had to go back on the blocks for a year until they redesigned it not to malfunction constantly. 


Hope they plan on putting these out for $400 or less..  Otherwise, I can't see them selling a ton of these. 


Pass for me

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Its ugly as hell - only thing it has going for it is the 18+1 or 15+1 capacity - as there aren't many 15+1 45's we can get in the PRNJ -


Walther 45 or 9mm PPQ much sexier


VP9 also much sexier, Sig P320, Glock 19 is even better looking IMO


XD Mod2 with Grip Zone is even sexier that it says grip zone -


Is this looking to compete at those pistols price points or is it going to be the entry level $400-450 MSRP similar to the new Walther PPX/Creed that has been advertised lately?  Because how it looks and the features it belongs in the entry level, not in the crowded $500-600 price point for the pistols above

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    • By sasha45acp
      Immaculate Remington 700 in 30-06 SPRG. Polymer stock with texturing, super smooth action, adjustable crisp trigger.
      Got this from a friend, but never got around to shooting it. Rifle had less than 60 rounds through it.
      Optic: Hawke Endurance HK6426 4-16x50 with flip up covers and zeroing bubble.
      Included Ammo: 3 boxes of 20 Federal Premium Copper Trophy 180gr
      Included Accessories: Metal Bipod, Soft Sling with rubber pad, Full Size Soft Case.
      Please PM with questions.

    • By Henry1111
      Rare to find:
      Remington 700 VSSF Varmint HS  Call .308
      Fluted Stainless 26 inch barrel.
      Target style trigger, very light.
      H-S precision synthetic stock with
      Full aluminum bedding block.
      Excellent overall condition, less than 100 rounds through.
      Topped with Nikon Monarch 6-24x50SF M FC  featuring:
      - 4x Zoom Range, 4 inch Eye Relief
      - Interchangeable Target Style Turret Knobs and Caps
      - Locking Side Focus Parallax Adjustment (SF)
      - Fine Cross (FC) Target Reticle
      - Ultra ClearCoat boosting Light Transmission up to 95%
      - Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof
      - Nikon Lifetime Full Warranty
      Price  $650 without scope.  or BO
      Scope $440 extra

    • By Decastro458
      Hello, new owner of a handgun in NJ. Had a question for all of you experts out there! I keep seeing all these different things online so I have an suv so the trunk area is accessible to the back seat area. From my understanding, it needs to be locked in a case and its fine to be in the trunk of my suv? Also my other question.. the ammo.. that needs to be in a separate case? Does it need to have a lock on it or can it just be a bag with a zipper?
    • By bhunted
      A fellow forum was asking about a display case for his wife’s pistol I believe. So I decided after seeing some display cases for insane prices, to make my own out of more or less cheap prices. 
      This one will be for my Nighthawk Custom Falcon 1911.
      I started out with a humidor I had when I was on a cigar kick with the club.
      Humidors make perfect cases for your gun. 
      Why? Its designed to keep moisture in so your cigars don’t dry out. Ones that are well made have a nice tight seal.
      ‘But John, we don’t want to keep moisture in. It will hurt the gun’. Correctomundo! But using it to keep moisture out works too! If you are not a cigar smoker, a humidor keeps the cigars from drying out by putting a moisture pad inside. We simply won’t be using the moisture pad nor the cheapo humidity gauge they usually give you.
      So lets start. One used but still in great shape humidor with glass lid. If you don’t have one, you can pick up something decent for about $50. I added a lik leather NH tag to use to open lid. They are air tight and easier to open with something to grab.

      If you use a humidor, they sometimes come with a lil shelf and divider. Toss them.
      Next, we added a little antique bronze clasp. 5 for $12 on Amazon. They come with tiny wood screws. You’ll need a jeweler type phillips head and a small awl to start a hole. Do not screw in without a starter hole. Also a mini pad lock with skeleton key.

      Next, you’ll want something to lay in there like velvet. I chose purple velvet. Rather than buy it by the yard, I actually got 2 - 14”x14” pillow shams with zippers on Amazon for about $11...
      This is a lot cheaper than buying it by the yard plus you don’t gave to sew anything. Just stuff it and zip it.

      You will need something to stuff it. That is your choice. I already had a bag of poly fill from another project. You can even rio open al old pillow and use the guts.

      Next is rechargeable Silica packs. I got a 25 count bag cheap also on Amazon. I chose to line the bottom of the case and also throw some inside the sham.

      Once you beat it and adjust it to get in the right position, you can see how the gun sits and adjust as needed.
      Next is optional and not cheap. I picked up 2 - Sensor Push bluetooth temp/humidity sensors for $50 each. One for the box and one for my safe. After calibrating them and pairing them to my phone, I inserted one into the display case.

      You don’t have to do this but I’m a bit of a tech nerd so.... [emoji6]
      You can also use a cheap digital one too.
      This one transmits data and stores 20 points which you can set alarms in the app if moisture increases. Kind of more important in my safe but....[emoji16]
      Here is a sample of the data. I just put them in so it will take time to level off.

      That’s pretty much it. Outside of the sensors, its cheap, easy and looks great. You can fo crazy with it or go simple.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • By Gunnz
      Guess the state has a new system for pistol permits and FID cards?!?

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